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    Remedy For Dry Lips In Winter Worth Trying Out?

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    Little miss luxury chic is planning ahead of time for the plaguy mess that is winter, which is evidenced by her shopping cart laden with groceries and gifts. She is the perfect shopaholic, twirling from aisle to aisle with perfectly drafted lists. Cable knit sweaters and woolly gloves? check. Vitamin C serum? – gotta double check that “winter essentials for women” list that somehow took forever and a day to compose. What about the best remedy for dry lips in winter? oh no!. It can’t be blank!.

    Little miss understands winter doesn’t play nice – and God is she prepared?. Suffice it to say, winter is horrible, with all that blast of glacial tempest, announcing a paucity of warm, beautiful sunshine. Little miss purposefully returns back to the makeup aisle with bouncy strides, she has to remedy the situation.

    Little miss Remedy For Dry Lips In Winter
    Credit: Blessing Ernest

    Granted, the winter season is a nightmare, especially for ladies with extremely dry skin and lips. More reason to make certain the gust of cold, dry air doesn’t steal all that fabulousness. As those with dry lips often get to witness their lips become so chapped and dry it cracks, peels and bleeds. Limiting their hearty laughter to inelegant pouts and occasional wincing in pain.

    Though the supple-skin majority who’s been blessed by genetics or discovered some dry lip magic hack cannot relate to dry skin struggles. Oftentimes they revel in the flattery of how refreshed their skin is as opposed to those whose flaky skin is anything near delicate. If you’re in the ultra-luxury chic category and you love shopping for holiday protective essentials, this post is a helpful guide to prevent dry lips this winter.

    Why Is My Lips So Dry In Winter?

    Exposure to frigid air during wintertime makes people susceptible to skin dryness. Since there’s very little humidity in the air, the skin, including the lips gets dehydrated. This loss of moisture and sebum leads to chapped lips and cracked skin.

    What Is The Remedy?

    There may be luxury lip care products out there with glowing reviews of how they’re the perfect remedy for dry lips in winter, apply caution so as not to aggravate the chapped lips.

    Firstly, you need to religiously follow a lip care regimen this season comprising gentle exfoliation, SPF and lip moisturizers. When searching for lip dryness remedies in the form of balms or salves, it is advised to opt for non-irritating products. Choose products depending on your skin’s sensitivity, so as not to cause any irritation. Some ingredients can cause serious allergic reactions, it is best to opt for products with humectants and occlusives.

    There appears to be a myth going round that sunscreens are bad in winter season because there’s no sun. While dispelling myths, can we also flag that UV rays though benign, are not entirely absent?. You run the risk of developing skin cancer with long exposure to harmful rays from the sun.


    Lip Care / Remedy For Dry Lips In Winter

    • Regularly exfoliating the lips will prevent chapping and flaking of the skin on and around the lips. There are several ingredients for lip exfoliation but the most common is sugar, cinnamon and honey.
    • Exfoliating scrubs that reduce chapped or dry lips include KNC Beauty Supa Scrub Set, Burt’s Bees Conditioning Lip Scrub, Bakerie Sugar Lip Scrub, Tilbury Magic Lip Scrub, etc.
    • It is important to gently exfoliate to avoid the risk of irritation. Also, too much lip exfoliation may exacerbate flaky lips, eventually resulting in bleeding.
    • Sun protection isn’t exactly season bound and even though there’s little to no sunshine during winter, using lip care products with SPF is ideal.
    • One must-have item that indeed prepares you for the harsh winter weather is lip balm or chapstick.
    • Use lip balms and salves to protect the lips from cold, dry air and keeps them moisturized. It’s important to purchase lip balms that use non-irritating or harmful lip balm ingredients such as alcohol, oxybenzone, camphor, eucalyptus, menthol and other fragrances.
    Remedy For Dry Lips In Winter
    • Lip care products that cause burning, redness, irritation or stinging sensations following application are hazardous and should be discontinued.
    • Most lip care products with humectants and occlusives such as shea butter, hempseed oil, castor seed oil, petrolatum, etc helps to lock in moisture in the lips.
    • Some fragrance-free, non-irritating lip balms that help reduce lip dryness include Vaseline Lip Therapy, First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Therapy. Burt’s Bees Overnight Intensive Lip Treatment, LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask, Biossance Squalane+ Rose Vegan Lip Balm, KNC Beauty Supa Balm, Irene Forte Pistachio Lip Balm, etc.
    • Purchase a humidifier ahead of time to increase the moisture in the air, reduce spread of bacteria, as well as relieve flaky lips or cracked skin.

    Does hydration Prevent Lip Dryness?

    We cannot exaggerate the importance of staying properly hydrated during winter season. In warmer seasons, the body requires gallons of clean water everyday to prevent dehydration and possibly protect it from adverse conditions such as heatstroke. But in winter season, there’s less water intake because the thirst for water diminishes. This doesn’t change our water needs. Drinking enough water will keep us hydrated during the winter. For those whose water intake is inadequate, there are other options.

    Chic Winter Makeup Looks

    winter makeup looks and remedy for dry lips in winter

    Winter is not an an excuse to banish your makeup boxes and roll down your makeover sleeves. To avoid looking like a hobo during the winter season, ensure to always step out dressed to the nines. Steer clear of heavy makeup, in order to prevent the pores on the skin from clogging. From subtle contours, bold blushes, to electric hues, make a statement at Christmas parties and events with the following winter makeup trends.

    Soft Look


    Graphic Eye Liners

    Electric Hues

    Bloody Or Brick Red

    Rhinestones And Glitter



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