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    In This Winter Season, Follow These Fashion Trends

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    The winter months are almost upon us, frigid weather is an inevitability. It’s not that hard to predict what will happen; everything farther from the equator will freeze over. Extreme weather conditions – case in point plunging temperatures and low humidity – can be party-poopers sometimes in winter season. Spreading infections and diseases that leave you glued to a sick bed in lieu of celebrating the holiday with friends and family.

    What Happens To Our Skin During Winter?

    Accompanied by skin dryness, chapped lips, sore eyes etc. Cold air in winter season dries out sebum from oily skin, much less dry skin. Folks with dry skin are the most affected during the frosty weather. Even if by some miracle people with dry skin don’t suffer severe dryness – and God, do they suffer?. They’re prone to several other skin conditions during the season.

    Exposure to frigid air in wintertime makes people susceptible to various kinds of diseases. Reason you find everyone concealing their body parts. It’s undoubtedly frosty out there – colder than a well digger’s ass – but make it cooler. Plan ahead by equipping yourself with fashionable winter essentials, to avoid looking like a hobo. Despite the weather, step out dressed to the nines in these winter fashion trends.

    Medina on green coat and fishnet leggings in winter season

    But before we dive, take a look at some winter skincare essentials to aid dry skin.

    Skin Dryness Hacks In Winter Season

    Topical emollients are literal lifesavers during frigid seasons characterized by dry air, snowstorms, blizzards etc. Moisturizers, lotions, creams, oils, ointments etc are emollients that protects the skin from dry air or cold weather. The cosmetic industry is brimming with thousands of beauty products claiming to provide solutions to several skin related problems. If you’re in doubt, walk into any makeup store, observe the aisles choked with products from wannabe brands offering quick fixes.

    1. Always Wear Sunscreens

    There appears to be a myth going round that sunscreens are bad in winter season because there’s no sun. While dispelling myths, can we also flag that UV rays though benign, are not entirely absent?. You run the risk of developing skin cancer with long exposure to harmful rays from the sun.

    We asked a skincare addict who absolutely can’t do without sunscreens and she recommended the Nivea UV Super Water Gel. The sunscreen is a blend of anti-acne and antioxidant sunblocker in water. It delivers a non-greasy, lightweight feel and unlike most sunscreens, Nivea UV Super Water Gel left no white cast after application. Without fragrance or colour, it actually blends into the skin, leaving it supple for hours on end.

    sunscreen for skin dryness in winter season
    Nivea UV Super Water Gel SPF 50

    2. Moisturizers For The Win!

    Dr Teal's body lotion for skin dryness in winter season
    Dr Teal’s Radiant Vitamin C Body Lotion / instagram@skinbaddie_

    Another remedy for dry skin this winter is moisturizers and we selected a few of them. Dr Teal’s Vitamin C Body Lotion is one body lotion infused with high-quality ingredients such as cocoa butter, shea butter and vitamin E to hydrate the skin. Vitamin E is easily absorbed into the skin and helps to lock in moisture, combined with the moisturizing properties of shea and cocoa butter, you’re all set for the winter season.

    Other alternative lotions, sunscreens, moisturizers, oils and creams to use include Neutrogena Body Oil, St Ives Soothing Oatmeal & Shea Butter Body Lotion, Nivea Body Repair & Care Lotion, Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil, Nivea Nourishing Coca Butter Lotion, Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Oil Mist, shea butter, Vaseline petroleum jelly, etc.

    3. Keep Lip Balms / Chapstick Within Reach

    lip balm for dry lips in winter season
    Vaseline Lip Therapy / instagram@feel22egypt

    One must-have item that indeed prepares you for the harsh winter weather is lip balm or chapstick. The classic Vaseline Lip Therapy which comes in four distinct tins designed to heal and prevent chapped lips is your go to lip balm this season. Delicate rose, rich cocoa butter, shimmering gold, tintless aloe and original scents give your lips a soft, velvety feel. The balms equally have very thick consistency that provides good hydration.

    Nivea chapstick for use in winter season
    Nivea Lip Balm

    Keep a Nivea lip balm handy and while you’re at it, thank cosmetic geniuses for this innovation. There’s no excuse on earth for not owning a chapstick this season, it’s nothing but a miniature item that can fit into a clutch, plus the versatility is second to none. The lip balm comes in shades that doubles as lipsticks and women couldn’t be more happier for this convenience. Continue reapplying that balm or chapstick without reservations.

    4. Stay Hydrated

    In warmer seasons, the body requires gallons of clean water everyday to prevent dehydration and possibly protect it from adverse conditions such as heatstroke. But in winter season, there’s less water intake because the thirst for water diminishes. This doesn’t change our water needs. Drinking enough water will keep us hydrated during the winter. For those whose water intake is inadequate, there are other options.

    Pumpkin cream soup with pink peppercorn

    Stock up on hydrating fruits, veggies, soups, salads, juices, and milk this season to keep your skin ultra fresh. Most vegetables and fruits with high water content include watermelon, cucumber, apples, lettuce, tomatoes, pineapples, coconut water, spinach, broccoli, pawpaw etc. Nourish your body at all times with hydrating fruits.

    5. Prevent Nosebleeds

    People with epistaxis or pre-existing bleeding disorders suffer the most during dry seasons. When the weather is extremely cold or the air is dry from low-humidity, the tissues that line the nose (sinuses and mucous membranes) tend to dry out as well. This causes nosebleeds in most persons.

    To avert this situation, purchase a humidifier ahead of time to increase the moisture in the air, reduce spread of bacteria, as well as relieve dry skin. Nasal sprays and petroleum jelly equally do wonders for dried out nasal cavities. Improvise with Vaseline Lip Therapy if there’s no petroleum jelly, put a thin layer of it on a cotton swab then insert it into your nose.

    With the winter essentials cleared up, let’s talk about some of the fashion trends to follow this season while protecting yourself from harsh elements.

    5 Protective Style Trends To Follow In Winter Season

    1. Plaid Number

    2. Maximalist Knits

    3. Cut-out Monotonous

    4. Maxis

    5. Blazer

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