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    Shop For Doggie GIfts This Christmas With This Gift Guide

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    Christmas is the perfect time to express love and affection to the important people and pets in your life. Dogs love being the recipient of acts of love, make no mistake. So, while you shop for gifts this season, don’t just wander down the grocery section, away from the pet aisle. Put happy glints in their eyes by gifting and celebrating your pets.

    At some point in our lives, we’ve hosted Christmas parties, celebrated birthdays with friends and families, completely forgetting that the four-legged addition to said families deserve to be appreciated too.

    pexels-poodles-doodles shopping for gifts for dogs
    Credit: pexels-poodles-doodles

    It’s not easy carrying around all that furry cuteness. Each time someone coos “aww, what an adorable puppy,” during Christmas, empty-handed, that fuzzy fellow is bereft of holiday cheer.

    They look on in dismay *puppy eyes* as you host party after party without throwing them any or buying them presents. But like any patient, fiercely loyal friend, they keep waiting for you to realize the error of your ways and you never do!.

    photo credit: pexels-dominika-roseclay shopping for gifts
    Credit: pexels-dominika-roseclay

    Reasons To Include Doggies When You Shop For Gifts

    C’mon, need we spell out the rationale behind gifting pets?. Dogs are very loyal companions, they defend, love, welcome us and do our bidding, yet ask nothing in return. Purchase special gifts for your dog this holiday, and you’ll be amazed at the way it will twitch and dance in excitement.

    Here are reasons to gift your pets this holiday.

    Zestful Creatures

    Naturally, dogs are high-spirited creatures. Although some are more energetic than others, depending on the breed or personality of the dog. Unlike the hyperactive breeds, the calm dogs just want to lounge all day without a care in the world. Regardless, the enthusiasm and color these protective doggies add to our lives is worth appreciating with gifts.

    Most times, walking, running, playing, jumping and fighting are traits that dog parents need to instill into their dogs by regularly taking them for walks, tours and hikes. 

    Curious and Intelligent

    One trait all dogs possess is curiosity, and they intelligently decipher things that humans cannot. They equally explore a number of things ranging from scents, people, objects to other weird and often imaginary stuff.

    Watch how curious a dog gets when there’s excitement and buzz around it. Most dogs join in this excitement oblivious to what’s happening, leaps, tail wags and all.

    Office Assistants

    Dogs are smart and pay attention to very minute details that we often overlook. Gradually, they learn to help pick up a fallen pen under the desk or grab a manila folder from your desk, even tapping your screens with their cute paws. Don’t be surprised when doggies unlock your phone or ipads with face id.

    Fiercely Protective

    They’re protective of their owners, children, extended family members and their dog friends. Doggies not only train their watchful gazes on any perceived danger, they’re also quick to defend if need be.

    Fashion Sidekick

    Have you ever wondered why dogs sit with such regal dignity? it’s because they’re natural-born models. Watching their owners engage or try out fun activities thrills them and they bark for inclusion. Well-trained dogs can sit and model for hours with their owners.

    Dogs Can Tell When We’re Unhappy

    They’re instinctual animals and easily perceive when you’re sad or happy. In most cases, they try to re-enact activities that will uplift and entertain you. Other times, dogs can read moods and if all the owner wishes for is solitude, they act accordingly.

    Child’s Best Friend

    Children create bonds with puppies that lasts a dog’s lifetime depending on the amount of time spent in each other’s company. They’re kid-friendly, extremely protective and cheerful towards babies and toddlers. Aside looking out for kids, dogs can get mischievous pranks and tricks with kids. Children can also train dogs to behave how they want them to.

    Book Club

    The best company you can ask for while reading books are dogs. They lie still, providing warmth while you read. Dogs can also gauge reactions and occasional fur tickles lets them know you’re enjoying the books. Dogs love being read out to and can place their paws on their favorite books or comics.

    Yoga Buddy

    Regular exercises help dogs to remain active, reduces anxiety-related behaviors and keeps your dog healthy. Incorporate exercises like yoga, jogging, walking, fetch, swimming, hide and seek etc.

    Watch Over Livestock

    These hyperactive creatures are not just loyal to their owners, but also to their owners’ investments. Dogs are vigilant, a well-trained breed can plant watchful eyes and stay on guard against poachers and snakes as well as other perceived threats.

    Enjoyment Advocates

    Every dog lover, trainer or owner knows that dogs love being spoiled silly. These bright-eyed creatures likes pampering, luxurious dog lifestyles and often displays jealousy when deprived of affection.

    Obsessed With Christmas

    Contrary to popular opinions that animals can’t tell if it’s Christmas or not, dogs can actually. Although, they may not know exact dates or events, but they join in festivities and dogs love family gatherings. Sit them at the table buzzing with chatter and holiday cheer, then observe how they’ll get exhilarated at the prospect of inclusion.

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    That’s it for fun dog gift ideas to consider when you shop for gifts this holiday!.

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