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    Luxury Scented Candles To Add Fragrance To Your Space

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    Why are candles so popular?. What is so special about candles and making the vast majority of women folk eager to make opulent and extravagant indulgences when it comes to it?. Find out all about luxury scented candles in this post.

    Sweet-smelling candles are popular for a variety of purposes. Either to create a relaxing atmosphere, hide unusual odors, or add decorative touches to homes and offices. Alongside adding these candles to homes, you can equally give them out to someone as a gift. Scented candles symbolize sacredness, peace, divinity, and calmness.

    woman sniffing a luxury scented candles aisle

    made with an exquisite blend of top-quality ingredients and a luxurious mixture of fragrances. Some luxury fragrance oils for making candles occur naturally including wax, essential oils, color dyes, extracts, and herbs.

    After a long, insufferably tedious, or exhausting day, the last thing on anyone’s mind is dealing with foul household smells. We all just want to come home, relax with a good book or movie and bask in the warmth of a bathtub or fireplace.

    The ideal way to decompress is with a rich glass of wine, slow music, and jars of luxury-scented candles. There is undoubtedly no solution to those riots of disparate thoughts buzzing in your head than lighting an aromatherapy candle while you soak in the bathtub for hours.

    If you’re in doubt, shop one of these luxury candles listed below from top luxury candle manufacturers and thank us later.

    There are different types of scents for candles. Depending on your scent preference or the kind of mood you’re going for, scented candles come in different fragrances. Your best bet is to choose a fragrance that suits your taste.

    Best Scented Candles For Homes

    best luxury scented candles

    Tom Ford Luxury Scented Candles

    American fashion designer Tom Ford crafts a wide range of luxury perfumes as well as home fragrances that creates just about the right cozy and romantic ambiance. Most of these Tom Ford’s candles are from his private blend collections. Which overlooks gender-specific perfumes and fragrances, in favor of personal scents. Those aiming for aromatherapy, relaxation, and soft lighting will find the rich, natural scents worth every penny.

    Some of the Tom Ford scented candles are among the best-scented candles in the market and they include:

    Rose Prick Private Blend

    tom ford rose prick
    Credit: Instagram

    Rose Prick is a patchouli scented luxury candle from Tom Ford’s Private Blend collection. It has an inviting floral scent that pays homage to Tom Ford’s private rose garden. As well as rich flowery notes like balsam, rose, and patchouli that elicits an outdoorsy feeling. This candle will create a tranquil atmosphere in homes and offices.

    Oud Wood

    tom ford oud wood

    The Oud Wood, another sought-after candle from Tom Ford’s Private Blend collection is nothing but pure sophistication. It is carefully crafted with the rare Oud fragrance, as well as a rich combination of other natural fragrances. Along with deep, woodsy sandalwood, and warm amber notes to tease the senses.
    Those looking for a luxury scented candle that has a natural woodsy scent will certainly love Tom Ford’s Oud Wood luxury scented candle.

    Tobacco Vanille

    Popularly known as the Tom Ford Private Blend Tobacco Vanille candle, this luxury candle is one of the most refreshing luxury scented candles you can imagine. The Tobacco Vanille candle also has crisp, smokey, and earthy scents that harmonize with tobacco, vanilla, and cocoa notes, evoking a soothing feeling that leaves you invigorated.

    Ébène Fumé 

    tom ford ebene fume
    Tom Ford

    Another popular scented candle from Tom Ford is the Ébène Fumé candle. Just like the dark, earthy alluring perfume of the same name, the candle is spiked with musky notes of ebony wood, vibrant palo santo, and sweet, spicy rose.

    Neroli Portofino

    Neroli Portofino is a popular Tom Ford Private Blend home fragrance with a light, refreshing scent and notes of neroli, lemon, and basil. The fresh, floral scent derives its inspiration from Portofino, a coastal town in Italy, and features citrusy undertones of bergamot and mandarin.

    Fucking Fabulous

    tom ford fucking fabulous

    The name says it all. Tom Ford’s Fucking Fabulous scented candle is indeed a classy home fragrance for connoisseurs of luxury scented candles. The fragrance of the Fucking Fabulous candles is a Private Blend from Tom Ford. It is a flowery mixture of fresh lavender, earthy sage, sweet vanilla, and warm amber notes.

    Maison Francis Kurkdjian Luxury Scented Candles

    In 2009, French perfumer Francis Kurkdjian and co-founder Marc Chaya jointly established Maison Francis Kurkdjian, a luxury perfume house in Paris. The brand is a leading producer of men’s and women’s perfumes and is equally popular for crafting luxury-scented candles, which are made with a combination of fragrances, essential oils, and natural waxes. Maison Francis Kurkdjian candles often comprise top fragrance notes such as amber, citrus, wood, and sweet, sensual flowers.

    Some of the Maison Francis Kurkdjian luxury scented candles to choose from include:

    Baccarat Rouge 540 Candle

    maison francis baccarat rogue 540 candle

    The Baccarat Rouge 540 candle pulls inspiration from the signature Baccarat Rouge 540 Maison Francis Kurkdjian perfume. The candle features the exclusive Baccarat Rogue fragrance and notes of jasmine, saffron, and amber.

    À la rose

    maison francis a la rose

    The crisp, musky and floral fragrance of the À la rose scented candles make for a stylish and sophisticated home fragrance. It is one of Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s luxury scented candles that honors feminity. À la rose candle also pays homage to the airy Centifolia roses from Grasse and Damascena roses from Bulgaria.


    maison francis anouche
    Maison Francis

    This next home fragrance is called the Anouche Maison Francis Kurkdjian scented candle. Anouche takes inspiration from the nostalgic memories of the perfumer and depicts the ambiance of the loving home he spent his childhood in.

    Anouche scented candle has a sweet floral fragrance with exotic quince, fruity plum, and spicy rose. The entire combination makes a velvety, sweet scent that is both wistful and delicious.

    View Of The Park

    Maison francis view of the park
    Maison Francis

    Inspired by the fast-paced, bustling city of New York, View Of The Park is Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s effort to evoke the scents from the famous Central Park that waft through the windows of the creator. The key fragrances and notes are smokey cedar, spicy cinnamon, and dark, musky cognac.

    Les Tamaris

    Maison francis les tamaris
    Maison Francis

    The sunny and salty smells of seaside summer houses inspire this phenomenal home fragrance. Les Tamaris candle’s spicy, syrupy notes of strawflower, warm, honeyed acacias, as well as the crisp, refreshing umbrella pine all combine to give off a fresh, earthy fragrance.

    Rue des Groseilliers

    Maison francis rue des groseilliers
    Maison Francis

    Maison Francis Kurkdjian reveals another luxury scented candle from his Home Sweet Homes collection—Rue des Groseilliers. The Rue des Groseilliers is born of expert craftmanship with rich fruity fragrances of mixed berries and pungent, sappy notes of redcurrants and blackcurrants.

    Byredo Luxury Scented Candles

    The exquisite craftsmanship of the fragrances from Byredo makes them one of the A-list brands for the best home fragrance options. The Swedish fragrance brand is not just popular for making elegant perfumes and oils, they’re equally in demand for crafting top-notch home fragrances, luxury candles, textile perfumes, accessories, etc. The brand was founded by Ben Gorham.

    Here are some of the candles from the Byredo scented candles collection:


    bryedo symphonique

    Stimulated by classical symphonic and orchestral music, the Symphonique scented candles are infused with uplifting and overpowering bitter orange, sharp anise, ginger, clove, wispy beeswax, cedarwood, and bran. The combination of softly sweet, citrusy, soothing, and spicy notes leaves a striking aura.


    bryedo bibliotheque

    This next scented candle from Bryedo speaks solely to bibliophiles or book lovers with its rich composition of plum, cinnamon, violet, birch woods, patchouli, vanilla, and leather accord. The resulting fragrance is reminiscent of a library filled with books.


    bryedo altar
    Credit: Poshmark

    Inspired by nostalgic memories of home and family gatherings in the great city of Stockholm, the Altar scented candle from Byredo is dear to the founder. Top notes and fragrances include clove, carnation, ylang, ylang, papyrus, and Haitian vetiver.


    bryedo woods

    Similar to the woodsy scents of a forest, the Woods luxury scented candles bring to mind the clean earthy smells of nature. A combination of natural fragrances and notes like raspberry, jasmine petals, Tuscan leather, white cedarwood, and ambroxan produces a calming atmosphere.


    The historical region of Bohemia and its adventurous inhabitants inspires this unique creation from Bryedo. It is a rich blend of warm, earthy opoponax, rum, geranium, labdanum, rosemary, oak moss, sandalwood, and vanilla.

    Fleur Fantôme

    bryedo fleur fantome

    Fleur Fantôme is a Swedish phrase that translates to ghost flower. It depicts the first flowers of a Swedish spring and the imaginary odorless scent of silent flowers. It’s a mixture of fresh lemony, soft flowery, and woody notes of  Lemon Petitgrain Leaves, Rhubarb, Tulip Extract, Violet Leaves, Galbanum, Heliotrope, and Suede.

    Cire Trudon Luxury Scented Candles

    Cire Trudon is a French candlemaker popular for producing luxury scented candles. Mostly referred to as Trudon, the home fragrance brand has been adding fragrance to homes since 1643. The luxury scented candles brand offers a wide variety of scented candles, as well as perfumes, diffusers, scented matches, room sprays, etc.

    Below are some Cire Trudon scented candles:


    trudon candle

    The intense cedarwood, sandalwood, and leathery notes make the Altaïr an outstanding home fragrance choice. Inspired by an Aquila, a self-luminous celestial body. The Altaïr candle is a rich mix of delicious oud and the delicate floral scents of rose together with peonies.


    trudon candle

    The Estérel candle is one of Cire Trudon’s home fragrance offerings derived from the powdery smell of mimosa clusters. As well as rich notes of Bergamot peel and Iris.


    Trudon Candle

    The Cire luxury candle is one of Trudon’s most sought-after candles. Complete with unique scents and notes of Bergamot, Waxed wood, Honey, Tonka Beans, Patchouli essential oil, Musk, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Cinnamon, and Beeswax.


    Madeleine from Trudon luxury scented candles

    This luxury scented candle pays homage to Mademoiselle Madeleine de Maupin—accomplished horsewoman, fencer, and renowned 17th-century dissident. As well as the tumultuous energy surrounding her life of adventures. It offers a blend of spicy, floral, and dark notes of Castoreum, Clove, Lavender, Iris, Jasmine, Rose, Vetiver, Leather, Moss, Patchouli, and Tabac.

    Jo Malone Luxury Scented Candles

    Jo Malone London is a popular luxury perfume and home fragrance brand known for creating high-end scented candles. The founder of this luxury fragrance brand is Jo Malon and since 1990, Jo Malone has been crafting quality candles for homes. Some popular Jo Malone scented candle fragrances include Peony & Blush Suede, Pomegranate Noir, Lime Basil & Mandarin, Wood, Sage & Sea Salt, etc.

    Pomegranate Noir

    Pomegranate noir from Jo Malone scented candles
    Jo Malone

    One of Jo Malone’s bestseller scented candles, Pomegranate Noir is an indulgence in luxury. The luxury home fragrance offers a rather opulent mixture of fruity pomegranate and smokey guaiac wood.

    Lime Basil & Mandarin

    Lime, Basil and Mandarin from Jo Malone luxury scented candles

    The British home fragrance brand outdid itself with the Lime Basil & Mandarin home candle. It is one of the unique fragrance offerings that keeps giving and the glowing reviews can affirm this. Jo Malone produces the Lime Basil & Mandarin from the premium blend of peppery basil, lime, and aromatic white thyme.

    Myrrh & Tonka

    Jo Malone luxury scented candles
    Credit: British beauty blogger

    An opulent mix of sweet nutty Tonka beans and spicy Namibian myrrh with warm vanilla notes of the tonka bean all combine to make the Myrrh & Tonka scented candle a luxury home fragrance.. 

    Violet Leaf & Bergamot

    Jo Malone scented candles
    Jo Malone

    Just like the soft powdery scent of violet and the pleasant citrus scent of bergamot, Violet &Bergamot scented candle evokes a deep, sensual atmosphere when lit.

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