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    2022 Fashion Trends And Luxury Style Guide To Follow

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    Nothing is as refreshing or gratifying as occasionally changing your wardrobe to meet contemporary trends. Ahh…The idea alone is enough to warm the cockles of one’s heart. And your bright-eyed, bushy-tailed arrival to this post is a clear-cut indication of wardrobe drought. But don’t fret, we’ve put together some of the leading 2022 fashion trends, along with style guides to revive your flair and ditch those garish ensembles.

    What’s more dissatisfying than an uninspiring closet is when a —presumed to be— chic person’s style game is subpar. Tsk tsk tsk. Honey, you can’t throw on outfits from a depressingly dull wardrobe, while severely lacking panache, without looking like a fashion pariah. To pull off eccentric styles and show out, requires a certain je ne sais quoi.

    First off, luxury trends are synonymous with fat bank accounts. Here at Vainilky, we shop till the credit card is maxed out. No penny-pinching. No knockoffs. Wearing cheap imitations of luxury fashion brands is highly unacceptable. Who could hate themselves enough to wear something so atrocious?. The more reason you should know your labels girls.

    The exclusive fashion shows featuring top designers across Paris, New York, London and Milan will set the premise for the 2023 fashion trends.

    Luxury Trends From Style Influencers

    1. Satin Slip Dress


    The mother of all fashion items in 2022 is the satin slip dress that comes in varying luxurious colors, styles, sizes, and labels. One can easily spot why slip dresses dominated the 2022 fashion trends. They’re usually in silk, satin, or velvet fabrics and these fabrics are long-standing delicate textiles that enhance sensuality. Slip dresses can be worn to weddings, dates, hangouts, an ex’s funeral, solo dinners, etc. Any fashionable female worth their salt can pair slip dresses with an array of items, including shoes, coats, scarves, jackets, shawls, as well as turtle necks. Anything.

    Royal blue satin dress with crystal straps and thigh slit Credit:instagram@omynewland

    2. Kitten Heels

    The trendiest way to style satin dresses is to pair them with kitten heels. Kitten heels are having a resurgence in 2022 fashion trends and OMG, do we love it? They’re fab! Of course, we’re not referring to those drab 80’s kind. When paired right, a classy, embellished kitten heel can do wonders.

    2022 fashion trends
    Mach and Mach kitten heels Credit:instagram@teddytoypom
    kitten heels 2022 fashion trends

    3. Baggy Jeans Are Lifesavers

    You can never go wrong with baggy jeans. They’re also known as puddle pants and are making waves in 2022 fashion trends. Baggy denim unlike its skinnier counterparts is very comfy and provides this ultra-chic finish for all ages. Pair them with vests, graphic tees, oversized button-ups, boots, heels, or sneakers to achieve a classic look.

    puddle jeans 2022 fashion trends
    leading 2022 fashion trends
    Credit: IG@evebabee
    denim pants 2022 fashion trends
    baggy jeans 2022 fashion trends

    4. Ruched Shirt Dress

    Midi shirt dresses are among the top chic trends of 2022 fashion. There’s just about any design available, from pleated, plain, front tie detailing, to belt. Shirt dresses can be paired with stilettos, slingbacks, boots, flip-flops, sandals, or sneakers.

    green shirt dress 2022 fashion trends
    Credit: Kosmios
    shirt dress with front tie detailing
    leather shirt dress 2022 fashion trends
    Leather shirt dress Credit:instagram@mariegiamarino

    5. Don’t Mesh With Sheer

    Tie-dye mesh, sheer tops, and gowns have been the hallmark of women’s fashion in 2022 and will witness a resurgence come 2023. The see-through, transparent mesh or sheer tops go well with sweatpants, leggings, and leather and can be worn with sexy lingerie.

    tie-dye mesh top 2022 fashion trends
    mesh tops 2022 fashion trends

    2023 Style Trends To Watch Out For

    1. Spill The Jeans

    Credit: pexels-anna-shvets
    Gen Z’s wearing baggy denim Credit:

    The future of 2023 fashion is denim on denim (not just for women, but men too), and when paired right, the outfit is just too clear!. Gen Zs are having the time of their lives this decade —with fashion renaissance meets social media style trends— and millennials are willing participants. From denim bralettes, corsets, tops, mini or maxi skirts, bikinis, and even thongs, 2023 fashion is leaning towards the denim trend and we can’t help but follow.


    Mixing two different shades of denim is up to par but for this season, you better watch those deep blues. Lighter, washed shades of denim are best bets. Opt for variations in colors like green, yellow, or orange.

    2. Cargo Pants


    3. Dress On Pants


    4. 2000s Nostalgia



    wear maxis in winter season

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