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    World’s Most Expensive Meal And Where To Get It

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    Connoisseurs of luxury food indulge in high-end meals anywhere, anytime and at any price. Even if it means flying thousands of miles across the world to eat a bite-sized dish under a rock, best believe they’ll do it. It sounds absurd but the world’s most expensive meal is a taco served at a resort in Mexico.

    Luxurious meals do not earn their titles as a result of their alien ingredients or recipes. Instead, most ingredients used to prepare these expensive meals embody refinement in taste, texture, quality, processes, etc which makes them a rarity.

    World’s most expensive Meal
    A waiter removing cloche Source: Cottonbro

    Notwithstanding, homemade duplication of some of these expensive meals are just that, plain duplicates. Michelin star chefs are hired in luxury restaurants to painstakingly concoct gourmet dishes for the ultimate satisfaction of those devoted to pleasure. Assembling a fancy dish or making epicurean meals fit for the upper class certainly goes beyond remaking recipes. Owing to the fact that it requires expertise, creativity and that je ne sais quoi that only renowned chefs have.

    world's most expensive meal Dumplings on a Bamboo Steamer
    Chef Preparing Dumplings on a Bamboo Steamer Credit: Mikhail Nilov

    Where To Get The World’s Most Expensive Meal

    A plate of food for solo dining in most luxurious restaurants can amount up to $20,000 and above, which is almost the price of a brand new car!. When you include wine, appetiser and dessert, it may probably cost an arm and a leg. A quick look at one of the world’s most expensive meal ever served and where to find it.

    A $25,000 taco was served at a resort in Mexico; Grand Velas resort, on an episode of CNBC’s “Secret Lives of the Super Rich.” Although, it might seem like an implausible claim because it’s just regular tacos!. Still, wealthy pleasure seekers would beg to differ.

    The entree is a gold-infused corn tortilla, layered with Kobe beef and lobster with black truffle Brie toppings and a dollop of Beluga caviar. Then, more layers of gold are added on top to finish it.

    Grand Velas Resort

    Grand Velas resort Los Cabos

    This luxurious, all-inclusive resort is among the most exquisite resorts in the world. It is located in Los Cabos, Mexico. Grand Velas resort has 7 distinct gourmet restaurants that deliver fresh, local ingredients with varied cuisines. They include Lucca, Frida, Azul, Velas 10, Piaf, Cabrilla and Cocina de Autor. Grand Velas also has bars that serve unlimited premium cocktails, wines and beers.

    Lucca Restaurant

    Lucca’s gourmet menu features fresh Italian and Mediterranean cuisine using the finest local and imported ingredients. Over 2,500 bottles of wine from 1,500 different producers also compliments the sumptuous meals served. World’s most expensive meal served at Lucca comprises an elaborate menu of antipasti, rich risotto, fresh pasta, wood-fired pizzas, grilled octopus, lamb shank, filet mignon and more.

    world's most expensive meal served at Grand Velas
    Lucca restaurant Credit: Grand Velas Resort

    Frida Restaurant

    This magnificent restaurant serves some of the world’s most expensive meals and pays homage to Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. Frida explores the fascinating culinary traditions of Mexico. Treating diners to excellent Mexican dishes with ingredients like dried chiles, wild herbs and aromatic mole.

    Frida restaurant world's most expensive meal
    Frida restaurant dish Credit: Grand Velas Resort

    Restaurant Azul

    Azul restaurant is a buffet setting with freshly-baked bread, colourful salsas and live grill station. The global cuisine and grilled dishes like burgers, sushi, pasta, pizza, burritos, tacos etc is enjoyed with scenic views of the ocean.

    world's most expensive meal served at Azul
    Azul restaurant Credit: Grand Velas Resort


    The Cabrilla restaurant menu offers a variety of ceviches and freshly-caught Mexican-style seafood cocktail.

    world's most expensive meal at cabrilla
    Cabrilla restaurant dish
    world's most expensive meal at Cabrilla
    Cabrilla restaurant dish

    Velas 10

    The luxurious Velas 10 menu delivers the freshest seafood and the finest steaks. Enjoy a luxury meal overlooking the dramatic golden sands of Los Cabos as well as great ocean front views.

    world's most expensive meal at velas 10
    Velas 10 Credit: Grand Velas resort
    world's most expensive meal at velas 10
    Velas 10 Credit: Grand Velas resort

    Piaf restaurant

    This dreamy restaurant serves exquisite French cuisines with a menu that features foie gras, white truffle, hazelnut butter and acacia honey.

    Piaf serves world's most expensive meal
    Piaf restaurant Credit: Grand Velas resort
    Piaf serves world's most expensive meal
    Piaf restaurant Credit: Grand Velas resort

    Cocina de Autor

    Cocina de Autor serves world's most expensive meal
    Credit: Grand Velas resort Cocina de Autor restaurant
    Cocina de Autor restaurant serve world's most expensive meal
    Cocina de Autor restaurant Credit: Grand Velas resort

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