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    Dior Lady Art 7 Sets The Pace For 2023 Fashion Trends

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    Ever since its introduction in the mid-‘90s, the classical Lady Dior bag has been a trendsetter in the women’s fashion space. Dior bag has witnessed several impressive creations in diverse colors, sizes, materials, prices, as well as ocassional special editions. It equally pays homage to Lady Dior, the bag’s most prestigious fan. In 2016, the brand launched the Dior Lady Art project to offer artists the opportunity to redesign the iconic Lady Dior bag. The brilliant, French fashion house is back with a bang—Dior Lady Art 7.

    This 7th edition of the Dior Lady Art features clever re-imaginations of the timeless bag, from a brilliant mix of eclectic artists. For the past six years, inventive pieces of the luxury bag emerged and continuously cements Dior’s legacy as a luxury fashion maestro. Undoubtedly, the luxury women’s bag sets the premise for 2023 fashion trends as well as a holiday gift guide to shop luxury bags.

    Peek at some of the preliminary snippets of the Dior Lady Art creations by select artists that Dior released.

    Dior Lady Art 7 In Visuals

    Sara Cwynar’s Dior Lady Art 7 Creations

    Sara Cwynar's Dior Lady Art 7 Creations
    Sara Cwynar’s Dior Lady Art Creations Source

    Inspired by the passage of time, Sara Cwynar has redesigned two versions of the iconic bag using abstract images and paintings. Cwynar’s iconic images were gotten from museum archives and history books which she used as adornments. She utilized a red Lady Dior, creating a type of patchwork on top of the existing cannage embroidery. For the mini yellow Lady Dior model, she also added a PVC pockets bubble over images and a dream like cloud interior. 

    Ghada Amer’s Creations

    Ghada Amer's Dior Lady Art 7 Creations
    Ghada Amer’s Dior Lady Art 7 Creations

    Feminist artist Ghada Amer revamped the Lady Dior bag through a clever interpretation of women in the art world and society. Utilizing embroidery, precious gems and tapestry, Amer transforms the bag into a piece of jewelry with a patchwork motif. And punctuates it with words associated with women’s qualities. While the mini model bears a resemblance to a bag turned inside out with exposed thread. Ghada charms were the finishing touches for the bags n lieu of the signature Dior.

    Alex Gardner’s Dior Lady Art 7 Creation

    Alex Gardner's Dior Lady Art 7 Creations
    Alex Gardner’s Dior Lady Art 7 Creation

    With his holographic creation, Alex Gardner brought the Lady Dior bag to life. The Lady Dior redesign was made by transposing one of his own art piece termed Malleability onto the reflective fabric. Life’s simple beauties inspires this audacious and intricate design and it pays homage to Christian Dior. A deep red color also saturates the interior of the bag to give a daring, unique finish.

    Futuristic Wang Yuyang’s Creations

    Wang Yuyang's Dior Lady Art 7 Creations
    Wang Yuyang’s Dior Lady Art 7 Creations

    Chinese artist Wang Yuyang not just explores the contrast between tradition and technology. His re-imagination of the Lady Dior bag is a discovery leaning towards dynamism. Through his bold, futuristic execution of the Lady Dior bag for the Dior Lady Art 7. Yuyang’s series ‘The Artificial Moon’ inspires his Dior Lady Art creations.

    For this seventh edition, the artist designed a total of five bags with various embroidery, inlay and embellishments that delineates celestial bodies. And the ethereal lunar surface was equally made using combinations of organic color. which he painted wearing digital lenses that allowed him to only see in black and white.

    Shara Hughes’s Dior Lady Art 7 Pieces

    Shara Hughes's Dior Lady Art 7 Pieces
    Shara Hughes’s Dior Lady Art 7 Pieces

    The pieces from Shara Hughes’s Dior Lady Art depicts an outsider’s perspective while peering into another universe. Impressive, scenic painting serve as curtain-like portals. Some parts of the redesigned red Lady Dior Bag were shiny, matte and super absorbent to allow for a reflective surface. Meanwhile, the yellow and green bags mimic a rosebush with the cut-out colorful fabrics sewn onto them.

    Francoise Petrovitch

    Francoise Petrovitch Dior Lady Art 7 pieces
    Francoise Petrovitch

    Using the oeuvre bird as the common totem, the first Lady Dior bag design depicts a bird in flight. While the second variation in black plays with the cannage embroidery and depicts a sleeping bird. The tie dye version created using a screen printing technique and also features a bird charm. Finally, each model has an interior fabric with a mirrored metallic sheen.

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