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    What is Louis Vuitton Extrait Myriad all about?

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    The history of French luxury scents will not be complete without mentioning popular fashion brands like Louis Vuitton. Even though most of LV’s products are now considered ubiquitous; the label’s monogram appears on almost all of its products, contributing to what some consider logo pollution. This contrasts sharply with the discreet branding of some top luxury brands whose distinctive style is immediately recognized by the brands’ insiders.

    The New Myriad Extrait is Louis Vuitton’s Latest Bombshell

    What is Louis Vuitton Extrait Myriad all about?

    Renowned Perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud and architect Frank Gehry introduce the latest addition to the Les Extraits Collection—Extrait Myriad. A blend of exclusive oud and a custom rose give a rich balance of woody, spicy, and animal notes, accentuated by saffron, cocoa, and ethereal white musks. This 100ml olfactory masterpiece pays homage to nature’s diversity. Jacques and Gehry, the iconic duo, designed this collection, transforming Marc Newson’s original into a simple, yet wonderful fragrance.

    In their words;

    I wanted to venture where no one goes anymore. To reinvent the notion of an Extrait in a contemporary way. To bring it light, expand matter, and lighten things up. I wanted to deconstruct the very architecture of perfume

    Jacques Cavallier Belletrud

    Featuring six highly concentrated fragrances that redefine perfume extrait with boldness and fluidity, the Myriad is one of Louis Vuitton’s perfume collections no one who can afford it should miss. Architect Frank Gehry, renowned for his iconic designs, presents his first perfume bottle—a sculptural marvel with flowing lines and a transparent veil that seems to hover. The bottle’s precious hand-polished metal cap adds a touch of whimsy, resembling an imaginary flower’s splash.

    I wanted to approach the project from a sculptural point of view. To bring something different to perfume. It’s not a finished geometric form, it’s just movement. Visual movement with the added interest of ephemerality

    Frank Gehry

    Other Perfumes in the Extrait Collection

    What is Louis Vuitton Extrait Myriad all about?
    • Symphony
    • Stellar Times
    • Dancing Blossom
    • Cosmic Cloud
    • Rhapsody

    The perfumer further takes us on an enchanting journey through the ever-changing seasons with the Louis Vuitton Dancing Blossom. A fragrance that captures the lush beauty of nature. It features a Grasse rose, Sambac jasmine, Indian tuberose, and Chinese osmanthus in a deep, pleasant, and refreshing bouquet of sentiments.

    Cosmic Cloud is an escape from the bog-standard; a musky nectar with powdery and fruity notes, accompanied by the seductive touch of tonka bean’s chocolate-coated almonds. This fragrance is a daring and brilliant exploration of celestial beauty. The keynotes are Muscs and Tonka Bean from Venezuela.

    For the Louis Vuitton Rhapsody, perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud transforms the classic chypre accord into a brilliant piece. Key Notes are ylang-ylang, enveloping Jasmine grandiflorum and patchouli in a soft embrace. Woody tones and vetiver add depth, while fresh maté accentuates the perfume’s lush green essence. The Rhapsody bottle is the epitome of elegance.

    Picture the sea and sky connecting– the light, breeze, and views painted in azure. The image conjured is an exquisite sensory and visual experience. Symphony, the first fragrance of its kind, captures the essence of this beauty. The zesty kick of fresh ginger blends with grapefruit, bergamot, and orange to offer long-lasting freshness.

    Stellar Times—a fragrance that unveils the splendor of legendary temples, mosaic-strewn gardens, and enchanting fountains. With key notes of White Amber, Orange Blossom, and Peru Balm, this fragrance is a bold and fluid reinterpretation of Louis Vuitton’s perfume Extrait.

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