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    We Love Rihanna’s New Blonde Hair

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    We know Rihanna is a style idol and by extension, an all-round hair trendsetter, effortlessly switching from red carpet to high-fashion street styles. Rihanna’s new blonde hair is giving and we love it. Her hairstyle lookbook includes mullets, tousled wavy updos, blunt bangs, pixie cuts, side-swept bangs, iconic black bobs, braids, and faux locs, all while maintaining her signature classic black color. Save for her occasional dabbling into bright shades like yellow blonde and her famous loud maroon era.

    However, during her recent visit to Las Vegas with A$AP Rocky for the F1 Grand Prix, Rihanna surprised fans by changing her hair color for the first time in years. Despite not getting behind the wheel, she embraced the racing aesthetic of the event with a biker ensemble and a new honey-blonde hair. Reaching just below her chest, Rihanna’s hair still maintained its usual length but sported a new light shade that extended from roots to tips.

    Rihanna and A$AP Rocky at the F1 Grand Prix Credit: Harper’s Bazaar Arabia

    This soft textured, almost light chestnut hue is neither bleached white nor yellow and exudes warmth with subtle dimensional tones. She perfectly styled her new look with a side part. The front strands gracefully fell over her face, creating a captivating side-swept bangs effect. To complete the look, some of her hair was stylishly tucked into her jacket, adding a soft finish touch to her already edgy ensemble.

    She sported a simple black zip-up hoodie, casually unzipped to reveal a glimpse of her black bra, beneath a chic leather Balenciaga motorcycle jacket. Then she paired those with opaque tights and lots of accessories; a choker and multiple earrings. To cap off the look, she added oversized sunglasses with a heavy-duty-inspired design and a bright red lip color.

    All through her second pregnancy, Rihanna mostly wore black hairstyles. We saw her hair woven into knotless and jumbo braids and blunt bangs. So the switch from black hairstyles to a honey-blonde look is a much-needed change.

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