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    Tom Ford 002 Limited Edition Chronograph Timepiece

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    Even though we may not accurately convey the number of Tom Ford suits Daniel Craig wore in the James Bond franchise. Or the bevy of Hollywood celebrities that have graced the red carpet in one Tom Ford pricey item or the other. We know without a doubt that anyone can’t just walk into any jewelry store and cop the Tom Ford 002 Limited Edition Chronograph Timepiece.

    If it weren’t already obvious from the name that it was a high-end accessory, perhaps, the nearly out-of-stock 150 pieces of this sleek watch produced will reinforce that. Although it’s a luxury piece, the watch is sold at a relatively modest price considering it’s a mechanical Swiss watch. Most of which sell for ridiculously exorbitant prices that only the elite can afford.

    Tom Ford 002 Limited Edition Chronograph Timepiece was released in November 2022. It features a sleek titanium case with brush-finished black DLC coating to prevent wear. And a polished titanium crown to provide excellent hardness, durability, and an overall lightweight mechanical timepiece.

    The exhibition case back is inscribed with Tom Ford’s signature on the sapphire glass, with a Sellita SW510 movement, and unique numerals on each of the 150 pieces. Along with a sturdy perforated racing strap in black or white calf leather. Complete with brushed and polished Titanium buckle with durable black DLC coating.

    Styling Tom Ford 002 Limited Edition Chronograph Watch

    Tom Ford 002 Limited Edition Chronograph Timepiece
    Tom Ford

    How do you style a luxury watch?.

    It’s all a matter of individual tastes and preferences. Some people don’t care about dressing down, instead, they aim for comfortable fits. Others prefer classy, understated ensembles paired with ritzy pieces of jewelry. While we may have transcended the era where people no longer put much effort into their appearances(case in point Harry Styles and Robert Pattinson). We cannot entirely overlook how important it is to properly style a piece of luxury jewelry, especially watches.

    Donning either an impeccably tailored suit or casual outfit requires an accessory or two in most cases to compliment it. Tom Ford 002 just screams elegance and sophistication just like all other Tom Ford watches for men. Adopting the right style mindset will help to make a fashion statement with the watch. Or it could be an epic failure not entirely of the Tom Ford 002’s making. Depending on the look you’re aiming for, here are the top ways to style a Tom Ford 002 Limited Edition watch.

    Tom Ford 002 Limited Edition Chronograph Timepiece
    Tom Ford
    • When going for formal events, it’s great to opt for classic and elegant timepieces. Whether it’s a black-tie event like the Oscars, a wedding, or a funeral, Tom Ford’s 002 is a versatile timepiece.
    • Although they appear to be a regular thing for women, white wristwatches can be very stylish. The 002 watch in white perforated calf leather is no exception. It can be worn to close a business meeting, sail on a luxury yacht or play golf with friends.
    • The fact that we’ve dispelled the white-wristwatch-is-meant-for-women myth does not apply to garish outfit colors. Go for colors that best complement either of the Limited Edition Chronograph Timepieces.
    • Don’t say we didn’t warn you about showing up looking bland. Try to accessorize the timepiece with rings, bracelets, chains, or bands.

    The Tom ford 002 watch price is roughly $3,000 and while it might be a sick luxury watch, it’s nowhere near the Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon which costs a staggering $1.5 Million.

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