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    How To Check Your Own Bra Size At Home

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    Ever wondered why almost every woman now orders brassieres online, instead of visiting the regular walk-in lingerie stores?. It’s not just for the convenience of it. They think it’s super awkward and desperately wish to improvise. Well, if you fall under this category, you may get a chance to do just that, with a simple guide on how to check your own bra size.

    How To Check Your Own Bra Size By Yourself

    It’s perfectly okay to feel uncomfortable when trying on lingerie in public. Most women find it particularly embarrassing to go for bra fitting appointments. They dread unfamiliar people poking and grabbing their lady bits at the lingerie store. Even though we all know that what is more embarrassing is putting on ill-fitted bras.

    Online lingerie stores may be far more convenient than physical boutiques, providing customers with bra charts to help determine their sizes. Except, our body constantly changes, and relying on these online charts will have you ordering the wrong bra.

    Which will most definitely be uncomfortable and lack the support your breasts need. It’s not hard to tell if a bra is wrong for your breasts. If the straps slip off your shoulders, the cups wrinkle, or your breasts overflows the cups. Or the underwire pokes at your skin, then you got the wrong bra sis.

    How To Check Your Own Bra Size At Home

    How To Check Your Own Bra Size By Yourself

    Learn how to check if your bra is the right size from the comfort of your home. Away from prying hands and eyes. Nothing is flattering about wearing bras that dig into your skin, wrinkles, or generally cause you discomfort.

    Checking your bra size at home is a simple yet not-so-simple affair. First, you have to learn your band, bust, and cup sizes. You equally need to check the measurements regularly to ensure that your breast hasn’t changed.

    Women with bigger boobs should opt for a balconette or full-cup bra, which comes with thicker straps and a more supportive underwire. While some women with smaller breast sizes need bralettes or crop-top bra types.

    How To Check Your Own Bra Size By Yourself

    Check Your Correct Bra Band Size

    How To Check Your Own Bra Size By Yourself

    One of the steps to measure a bra size at home is to determine your correct bra band size. A band is the area of the bra that runs horizontally around your torso or ribcage. While measuring this part, ensure the tape is snuggly fitted on your ribcage.

    The underbust determine your band size. After wrapping the tape in a straight line around your back and underbust, check the number it hit. Note, the bra size measurement is done in inches.

    If it falls on an even number, then that’s your bust size, but if it’s an odd number, round it to the nearest even number and that’s your size.

    Knowing Your Bust Size

    Bust sizes differ from woman to woman and it’s what determines the cup size. To check your bust size, run the tape around your body in the same manner you did while determining the band size. Only this time, lift it higher so it wraps around the fullest part of your breasts.

    Try not to wrap it tightly over the chest, allow the tape to just glide over the top of your breasts. Whatever number it falls on is your bust size. Know that this can also change over time if your breasts get fuller.

    How To Check Your Bra Cup Size

    checking your bust size

    To get your bra cup size, you need to subtract the underbust measurement from the bust measurement. Depending on the bra size chart used in your region, there are established bra cup charts. In case you need to determine the size on your own, run the tape twice to get your band and bust sizes respectively.

    Then subtract your band size from the bust measurement to get the cup size. The difference you get from the subtraction will determine your cup size. Alphabets are used to indicate the different bra cup sizes; A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, etc. While numbers from 0 to 12 indicate the difference in measurement and help you know where your boobs belong.

    For example, if your band size is 28 inches, and your bust size is 32, all you need to do is subtract 34 from 28. Which is 4. From the chart below, a 4-inch difference indicates a 28D bra cup size.

    bra cup chart
    Bras & Honey

    We hope this article was helpful in learning how to check your own bra size at home. Don’t forget to check out the 10 outfits women with big boobs need in their closets. Or find out how the big boobs and butt sensation is taking a backseat this 2023.

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