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    The Most Expensive Las Vegas Hotel Without Casino

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    Five-star hotels are a few luxuries that are impossible to live without if you plan on lodging on the Las Vegas strip. In a previous post, we created a listicle of hotels in Las Vegas with the best suites, including the best casinos. For the sake of those who need to take time off from the neon-bright lights and loud noises, and hordes of risk-takers, we’ll uncover the most expensive Las Vegas hotel without casinos. We’re proud of our track record in accurately curating the best lodging options, so let’s see if we can hit the bullseye once again.

    For us, it’s not just about the pricey tags on these towers scattered throughout the Las Vegas strip. The services and comfort these audacious hotel complexes offer guests often distinguish them from other exclusive hotels. They’ve been tagged the most famous entertainment destinations in the U.S. and beyond and we want to find out why.

    10 Most Expensive Las Vegas Hotels Without Casinos

    Take a vacation to Nevada in the United States, you’ll have the chance to experience the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas. Here are a few of the top-notch most expensive Las Vegas hotels without casinos.

    Trump International Hotel

    Trump International most expensive las vegas Hotel

    If you’re looking for a unique experience in Las Vegas without the clamorous and ambitiously frescoed atmosphere of casinos, then visit the Trump International Hotel. A luxurious 5-star establishment that offers a wide range of amenities. It’s conveniently located near many of the main attractions, right on the famous strip, and close to the Las Vegas Convention Center. The Trump International Hotel has almost 1,300 rooms; including suites and penthouses, all designed with elegance in mind. The rooms feature luxurious interior decors, Italian marble baths, lounge areas, HDTVs, and sky-high windows overlooking breathtaking city views.

    The suites and penthouses also have spacious living and dining areas for comfort. Aside from your private accommodations, the hotel offers exceptional wellness facilities. There’s a large spa with treatment rooms, saunas, steam rooms, a hair and nail salon, and a fitness center. Guests can equally unwind by the heated swimming pool next to a lounge bar serving delicious cuisines and drinks. The hotel’s restaurant DJT also serves finely prepared luxury dishes.

    Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas

    Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas

    The second most expensive Las Vegas hotel without a casino is the popular Waldorf Astoria. It offers a luxurious yet affordable stay with impressive suites worthy of the trappings of luxury and royalty. Upon arrival, the place exudes a sense of privacy, with friendly concierges always present outside to welcome guests.

    Catering to the elite with some of the most expensive rooms on the Strip, the service provided here epitomizes the highest standards in Las Vegas. The guests who choose to stay here are familiar with exceptional lodging services worldwide. Typically, they are sophisticated international travelers who possess refined tastes and have a penchant for impeccable service.

    The lobby has a minimalist yet elegant ambiance, resembling a residential area. Interestingly, a certain number of individuals actually reside here full-time and have access to all the amenities offered by the hotel. The notable advantage here is the absence of a casino which makes it a blissfully tranquil environment.

    The rooms are equipped with remote control panels that allow guests to adjust everything from curtains to lights, and it is easy to operate. At night, the SkyBar, located in one of the most sophisticated rooms, offers outstanding views of the Strip. It feels like a well-kept secret. The hotel’s main restaurant is called Twist by Pierre Gagnaire and serves the best global dishes.

    The most unforgettable and enjoyable feature of this hotel is its pool. Unlike typical Vegas pool scenes, this pool exudes a civilized, serene, and sophisticated ambiance.

    Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas

    Four Seasons most expensive Las Vegas Hotel

    Located on the southern end of the famous Las Vegas Strip, Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas offers the perfect blend of entertainment and relaxation. Guests can enjoy easy access to top-notch sports events, world-class music concerts, and thrilling entertainment. While also indulging in the serene and luxurious atmosphere of this retreat. The hotel boasts over 400 elegant guest rooms. Including suites, a private pool area with exclusive cabanas, special dining options, a Five-Star Spa, and exceptional service.

    As a non-gaming property, the hotel provides a peaceful environment for various events, including grand banquets, private receptions, themed gatherings, and small group meetings for up to 1000 attendees. The restaurants serve modern American cuisine infused with Mediterranean flavors; a diverse selection of beer and wine, and thoughtfully prepared entrées. With an indoor and outdoor setup that serves as the vibrant social hub of Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas.

    The Signature at MGM

    The Signature at MGM most expensive las vegas hotel

    About a block and a half away from the famous Las Vegas Strip, you’ll find The Signature at MGM Grand. It stands out from other properties in Las Vegas, and it’s a unique place because it’s a condo hotel. Meaning that the suites there are like apartments. With fully equipped kitchens and balconies that offer views of the lively streets below. The quest for the most expensive Las Vegas hotel without a casino comes to a close the minute you walk into the grounds of The Signature at MGM.

    One of the amenities we speak highly of is the rooms; their cleanliness and overall quality are something every guest with lavish looks forward to. They’ll particularly appreciate the fact that the hotel is quiet. Since it doesn’t have any gambling activities. However, it’s important to be aware of the fine print. The Signature operates like a regular full-service hotel and is part of the MGM Resorts brand, each suite is actually privately owned and managed by different companies.

    Guests staying at The Signature have access to their own private pool, which is exclusive to those staying at the hotel. And they can enjoy all the amenities available at the nearby MGM Grand.

    The Platinum Hotel

    The Platinum most expensive las vegas Hotel

    Compared to the flashy hotels on the Strip, this hotel has a more understated and calm atmosphere. It offers a contemporary and plush setting without the distractions of a rowdy and saturated casino floor. Families and mature travelers will find it more relaxing to check in here, as they won’t have to compete with the noise of slot machines to communicate with the hotel staff. It’s a rare opportunity to take a breath and relax in a city known for its constant hustle.

    The hotel offers over 200 modern and spacious suites; featuring gigantic living spaces and well-furnished kitchens. The balconies, contemporary bedrooms, and bathrooms with large tubs are appealing and offer a tranquil and homely feel. While the hotel may not have the luxury cuisine found in the big casino resorts, it does have a pleasant restaurant called Kilawat, serving breakfast and lunch. Kilawat’s menu features a variety of modern international chef-d’oeuvre, including tacos, pasta, soups, etc.

    Unlike the long lines and rushed procedures at the larger casinos, it’s usually easy to check in at the Platinum Hotel. The hotel’s pools are a great amenity. Designed both indoors and outdoors, and are heated and open all year round, which is not the standard in Vegas. Alongside impressive wellness spas and fitness centers, the Platinum Hotel deserves a spot on our list of the most expensive Las Vegas Hotel without a casino.

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