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    Apps For Meditation: Calming Apps For Sleep and Anxiety

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    The world is a chaotic place lined up with stacks of enervating day-to-day activities that we need respite from every now and then. A good number of helpful exercises may help to reduce mental stress and fatigue considerably, but who’s got the time when you’re let’s say, running an empire?. To keep the wheels of your sanity turning, we have put together some apps for meditation, calming apps, and anxiety apps (thanks to technological advancement) that will help you get through the day in one piece.

    • Headspace Meditation App
    • Calm App
    • The Mindfulness App
    • The Healthy Minds Program

    When we fret too much from circumstances beyond our control, the initial response is to grab our mobile devices. Watching funny memes, streaming movies on Netflix, and scrolling aimlessly on social media might seem like a temporary solution, but the effects are progressively adverse.

    Continuous exposure to blue light from these devices eventually damages the optic nerves and retinal cells of the eyes. Eye strain isn’t just the only imminent harm of constantly peering at screens. Sleep distortion, anxiety, eating disorders, and confusion are some of the dangers of prolonged blue light exposure to the eyes. With these apps for meditation, you can de-stress and have control of your mind.

    Apps For Meditation

    Headspace Meditation App

    Credit: Headspace

    The Headspace app is considered one of the best meditation apps available. It is specifically designed for individuals who are new to mindfulness and seek guidance in this practice. With its motto “Meditation made simple” emphasizing simplicity, Headspace strives to create an environment facilitative to meditation.

    Headspace is available on Apple iOS or Android devices, as well as on desktops for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Opera. And compared to other apps, offers a superior range of features, and an organized library of meditations among other functionalities.

    The app is designed as a comprehensive relaxation solution with various practical meditation methods that are integrated into different meditation sessions. Paired with a user-friendly interface and simulations that enhance mindfulness.

    On the Headspace homepage, users have the freedom to choose their preferred mindfulness technique. There is an option for serenity and embracing your thoughts as they ebb and flow. Then another function that aids in soothing the mind prior to sleep. Meanwhile, users can equally elevate their pulse for a rush of thrilling hormones or renew their minds when they experience inactivity.

    Calm Meditation App

    Apps for meditation: Calm Meditation App
    Calm Meditation App

    One of the top apps for meditation is the Calm app. Developed for persons who are still trying to get a hang of the whole mindfulness thing and seeking some sort of guidance in their journey to achieving clarity of mind. Calm is an all-one app that helps with meditation, sleep, and relaxation. Headspace found very strong competition in Calm but there are some features that make the Calm app stand out.

    The Calm meditation app features a comprehensive mix of mindfulness and de-stressing elements. Aside from meditation features, there is music, stories, etc all designed to guide users to a whole new level of serenity, improve focus, and help with sleep. There are customizable suggestions for premium Calm app users and the design encompasses both adults and kids. With different mindfulness goals and practice levels either for newbies or advanced users.

    Since its launch, the Calm app has been continuously rated as one of the best apps for meditation that provides a rich blend of meticulously curated content to promote mental wellness for users. It includes a variety of audio and captivating visuals on the app or website and there’s an annual subscription of $69.99.

    The Mindfulness App

    apps for meditation: The Mindfulness App
    The Mindfulness App

    Transforming the mind, sleep pattern, and general well-being is more feasible with personalized, all-in-one wellness apps like The Mindfulness App. The app is a user-friendly and comprehensive tool that offers some coached meditations with professional courses to help users master the art of calming their minds. The app features renowned mindfulness and meditation coaches like Eckhart Tolle, which adds to its credibility. As well as free body scans, and meditation techniques.

    There is some built-in free meditation content, but the premium subscription is also available at $9.99 per month or $59.99 per year. Going premium grants users unreserved access to advanced features. There’s also a seven-day free trial, but that’s only included in the annual subscription plan.

    One of the advantages of The Mindfulness App is that it provides a personalized experience by recommending classes and meditations specific to individual preferences. It also features different categories with an extensive meditation library that covers various topics. Such as taking care of emotions, forgiveness, acceptance, gratitude, and self-care.

    The Healthy Minds Program

    The Healthy Minds Program
    The Healthy Minds Program

    Dr. Richard J. Davidso, a professor of psychology and psychiatry at the University of Wisconsin–Madison along with his team at the Center for Healthy Minds, saw the need to help manage stress in our everyday lives and preserve our mental health. For this reason, an external nonprofit called Healthy Minds Innovation was born. Along with the app which was developed in response to the mental health crisis exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

    The Healthy Minds app has a user-friendly interface. It’s easy for beginners to navigate different categories packed with valuable content and meditation techniques. There are also basic and advanced levels on the app to help with clarity of mind, manage sleep disorders, and stay focused.

    During the Covid-19 pandemic, the Healthy Minds Program app was very useful to many individuals to recover from stress and trauma. It offered guided practices and insights to improve mental well-being. Since then, it has gained popularity globally with over 200,000 downloads in 174 countries.

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