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    Dating Apps for 2023 to Find Your Soulmate

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    Can we all now agree that searching for love in this generation has become more difficult by the day? Every day, paid and free dating apps are released on different app stores, most of them flunking even before pre-launch. The reason? Overpromising and underdelivering.

    So many people are after meaningful relationships on these apps and a number of them have been disappointed by major drawbacks. For instance, not everyone on those apps has their sights on building connections; some people just want to have fun and keep casual flings.

    Most of these dating apps and sites have creeps lurking behind keypads with the most ulterior intentions. One moment you’re swiping right, the next you’re embroiled in nasty and downright dangerous scenarios. In the end, those seeking more worthwhile relationships are discouraged due to the risk involved in finding love. We sourced some new highly-rated dating apps that meet most if not every dating goal. From serious relationships to casual friendships, and even date-for-hire apps if romance isn’t on your radar, you still want to impress your way into inheriting assets from your rich grandparents whose ultimatum is marriage.

    True, most dating apps focus on helping people find their long-term partners, but others extend beyond romance. There are dating apps that help create meaningful non-sexual relationships that can come in handy in some situations, especially when you’re in a new town. Most Dating apps have changed the way people meet partners online; it’s not just all about swiping right anymore. With advanced security features like video chats, it’s easier to get to know someone before the decision to take things offline and more seriously.

    So, here’s how to find someone to date in 2023.

    Top 13 Dating Apps in 2023


    Dating Apps to Find a Soulmate, Casual Relationship, or Friendship

    For those on the lookout for much deeper connections and enduring relationships, try OkCupid. A platform that focuses on bringing people with a shared commitment to long-term partnerships together. Compatibility for both parties is determined through a thorough assessment as questionnaires. There are also different sexual orientations and gender identities on the app.

    The OkCupid app offers various subscription plans, including Basic, Premium, and Incognito Mode. Each one of them comes with special features that are unique to its users, such as unlimited Likes, Dealbreakers, and ad-free browsing. The premium has more advanced features that allow users to know who Likes their profiles first and give detailed question responses. Other premium features include Boosts, SuperBoosts, Read Receipts, and Stacks.


    Dating Apps to Find a Soulmate, Casual Relationship, or Friendship

    While eHarmony may demand a financial commitment, it offers a remarkable chance to discover the perfect match. Eharmony makes matchmaking less stressful through an 80-question compatibility test. Before you huff and sigh, it’s used to discover your preferences, communication style, and motivations. Which would be used to create your Personality Profile, and help with the search for an ideal match. As well as to weed out fake profiles.

    A basic membership is cost-free, offering limited profile information and communication tools. Upgrading the app unlocks features like unlimited matches, enhanced search, and full photo access. Premium plans span six, twelve, or twenty-four months, with decreasing monthly costs for longer commitments. Eharmony’s premium membership prices vary based on the duration of the membership, with potential discounts applying.


    Dating Apps to Find a Soulmate, Casual Relationship, or Friendship

    Match, a dating service established in the ’90s, has since modernized, offering inclusive profiles, a user-friendly app, and advanced matching algorithms. Safety measures have been enhanced through a partnership with Garbo, a background check service to forestall the risks associated with online dating platforms.

    The app is easy to set up with in-person event options, and subscription cancellation. Match helps singles connect based on their interests. Getting started involves setting up profiles, adding preferences, and answering various screening questions like relationship status, appearance, and personal interests. Match’s algorithms then refine matches based on user profiles and preferences. Pricing ranges from free to standard ($21.84/month) and premium ($23.11/month).


    Dating Apps to Find a Soulmate, Casual Relationship, or Friendship

    Founded by women, for women, Bumble is an unconventional dating platform challenging the antiquated and often sexist norms of dating. Unlike traditional dating sites/apps, the idea of Bumble is for people to freely date the gender they want. Bumble makes room for gay and heterosexual connections. The app has even unveiled new features, Bumble Bizz and Bumble BFF, for other connections outside romantic relationships.

    Bumble recently instated a strict policy against body shaming, eliminating any form of racism, homophobic, or transphobic language. It’s an exemplary illustration of a user-friendly dating app.


    Dating Apps to Find a Soulmate, Casual Relationship, or Friendship

    Elate has been classified as the prime solution to the dating app ghosting conundrum. Users get to connect with a select number of people to forge genuine, lasting bonds instead of accumulating an endless roster of dormant matches.

    It notifies you when a match moves and minimizes ghosting by focusing on fewer conversations to ensure there are more meaningful interactions which reduces unintended matches. So the chats are just limited to three. The app automatically gives an anti-ghosting alert signal when matches open new conversations. Elate prioritizes compatibility beyond appearances; it considers values, personality, and interests.


    Dating Apps to Find a Soulmate, Casual Relationship, or Friendship

    Picture a combination of TikTok’s riveting content and Tinder’s swiping appeal, and you have Snack, the video-based dating app on a mission to filter out the profiles of those who have perfected the art of ghosting on dating apps. Ghosting is a common woe, and as some traditional apps breed ghosters that leave users in limbo, Snack decided to do something about it.

    The app was developed in 2021 and ever since then, very cool and innovative features have been added to simplify user experience. It reveals information about the user you’re interested in; from name to age, location, and gender. Perhaps what’s so great about the app is that users can equally see each other’s distance. Most recently, a new feature was added to allow users to train AI avatars to go on dates for them. How cool is that?.


    Dating Apps to Find a Soulmate, Casual Relationship, or Friendship

    The name says it all, really. For those longing to embark on a journey to rediscover their inner self alongside a kindred spirit, try MeetMindful. The dating/meditation app is a contemporary dating platform with over 300,000 members that has been creating lifelong connections globally since 2015.

    The app has a modern, millennial-friendly interface with soothing tones. Despite its minimalist design, navigation is seamless, especially for those who are less tech-savvy. The registration process, though detailed, demands detailed profiles for optimal matching. MeetMindful’s matching algorithm considers user-provided information to make specific recommendations. The platform utilizes geolocation for improved results, with more emphasis on profile content over appearance.

    Basic users enjoy several free features, including profile creation, photo uploads, and limited daily browsing and likes. Premium members access unlimited matches, likes, and enhanced privacy settings, optimizing their experience.

    Premium members enjoy exclusive features, including advanced search filters, insight into premium status, direct messaging, and a convenient browse mode for efficient profile viewing.

    Coffee Meets Bagel

    Dating Apps to Find a Soulmate, Casual Relationship, or Friendship

    Coffee? Absolutely. Beige food and star-struck lovers? Hell yes!. Founded in 2011 by Arum Kang, Dawoon Kang, and Soo Kang in San Francisco, CMB (because the full name is quite the mouthful) exclusively matches people from their Facebook connections. There are detailed profiles, a free basic version, and curated daily matches. The profiles are easily set up with prompts, photos, and basic info.

    Coffee Meets Bagel offers free and paid plans. The mini plan at $10/month while the premium plan is priced at $35/month.


    Zoosk closely resembles Coffee Meets Bagel in many ways. It offers free registration through Facebook and Google+ and was predominantly created for a younger demographic. The most standout distinction between Zoosk and Coffee Meets Bagel lies in their size— Zoosk has over 40 million members while Coffee Meets Bagel has 10 million users and this makes Zoosk a more advantageous dating app choice.

    Zoosk uses Behavioral Matchmaking to increase the chances of finding a compatible partner. A standout feature is SmartPick, an algorithm that learns your preferences to provide specific match suggestions and suggests matches based on preferences and ratings. Zoosk also allows different sexual backgrounds and orientations for members aged 18 and above.

    Other Top Dating Apps to Check Out


    Often dubbed the “Instagram of dating apps,” Hinge is the dating app for millennials. While some may argue it operates in Tinder’s shadow, Hinge proffers a remarkable level of accountability. Their latest surveys reveal that a date materializes every three seconds. But there’s more to Hinge than mere swipes and photos.


    Before you scoff at its name, allow us to introduce TapDat, an unabashed proponent of sex positivity, prioritizing consent, honesty, and communication. A place where users can connect with like-minded individuals seeking consensual relationships. Each user profile reveals information about age, physique, relationship status, preferences, and even details about their recent sexual health checks. TapDat’s mission? To dismantle barriers, eradicate stigmas, and redefine casual intimacy.


    Created by women, for women, HER brings together a dynamic community of queer, lesbian, bisexual, cisgender, and non-binary people to find their place. Despite the name, HER is inclusive of all genders. Aside from matchmaking, the app hosts events, organizes group chats, encourages connections outside virtual spaces, and is also a news platform.

    Inner Circle

    Sounds like some mysterious cult group right?. But it isn’t. The Inner Circle team meticulously screens each profile, evaluating factors such as safety, effort, and mindset. Just like HER, Inner Circle encourages members to partake in its events and build in-person connections.

    The app’s membership is free, and for those seeking the full experience, upgrading to the full membership option comes at a cost.


    If you’re concerned about matching with your significant other or inadvertently swiping past a family member? Pickable isn’t one of those apps. Women can maintain their anonymity while selecting potential matches, and there’s no need to create a profile or divulge too much personal information.

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