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    Boob Tape Will Change Your Life Once You Figure Out How To Use It

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    Listen up, ladies! There’s a must-have item in your underwear drawer that’s about to up your style game. Once you discover it, there’s no going back. And after you’ve mastered the art of using it, your life will never remain the same again. We do not mean this figuratively.

    If you’re ever a victim of donning a gorgeous strapless dress and attending a fancy wedding, only to discover that your bosoms are sitting askew on your chest, or have somehow gotten flattened, know this; you’re not alone. We absolutely sympathize with you and a thousand other women who are yet to discover the miracle in the form of boob tapes.

    A boob tape can come in handy when you just need a firm bust lift in that slinky dress. Or something to save the day when you desperately want extra coverage while lounging by the pool or some luxury beach. Well, if you’re ready to unlock a whole new level of confidence and style, we are. But the question remains, what is a boob tape?.

    Boob Tape, Fashion Tape, or Lingerie Tape

    Boob Tape, Fashion Tape, or Lingerie Tape
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    Breast tape, Boob tape, Fashion Tape, Lingerie Tape, or Body Tape refers to a resilient and pliable textile material with an adhesive side that is used to secure the breasts, underwear, or clothes. It bears a resemblance to a medical dressing bandage, although it possesses even better durability.

    A boob tape is safe and easy to use. It helps in covering, shaping, lifting the breasts, and effectively holding them in place. Their specific usage arises when a conventional bra cannot be worn either due to visibility beneath the outfit or to cover the outline of the breasts and nipples.

    Boob tape is available in different hues, fabrics, and styles. Including brands of adhesive sustainable breast tapes that still provide more cup-like support to the breasts. There is boob tape for plus size women, in fact, it works for all sizes. So, when should breast tape be used?. Are boob tape for strapless dresses only?. Women can wear boob tape whenever they desire and beneath whatever outfit they like.

    We have listed a few instances where boob tapes prove most beneficial:

    1. To cover the nipples when wearing see-through outfits.
    2. Outfits with deep plunging or low-cut necklines, and back cutouts need boob tape to maintain support and prevent any wardrobe malfunctions.
    3. For tight-fitting clothes, investing in boob tapes will prevent visible bra lines and give a smooth appearance.
    4. Tops or dresses with open sides also need boob tape to secure the breasts and achieve a put-together look.
    5. Strapless or asymmetrical tops might seem like the only reason for boob tape, but they’re not. Wearing boob tape on strapless dresses provides support without the need for a traditional bra.

    How to Use Boob Tape


    The application method for fashion tapes may vary from one woman to another, depending on the outfit, look they want to achieve, or type of boob tape. But the general way of using boob tape or fashion tape is simple. Here are the steps to follow:

    First Do a Patch Test

    Before wearing the tape and stepping out, place a small piece of breast tape on top of the breast for at least a few hours to a day. Immediately after removing the tape, check for any sensitivity, allergies, or signs of irritation.

    The boob tape fabric usually meets certified medical standards, with non-irritating, waterproof, and breathable qualities. For individuals with sensitive skin, there are even options available that are free from latex.

    Breasts Tape Application

    After the patch test, ensure the skin where you want the tape to go on is thoroughly cleansed, completely dry, and devoid of sweat, body oils, sunscreens, or moisturizer. These substances can hinder the tape from properly adhering to the skin. From mere visualization, we know what the aftermath of that would look like.

    Once the skin is dry, before applying breast tape, map out the desired area. You can use a removable, light-colored eyeliner or lip liner to mark the outline on your breast or skin. This will provide a visual guide for the tape’s edges.

    After that, measure the required length of tape using a fabric measuring tape if you have one, or use your mind’s eye to measure and start cutting the tape. Measuring tapes ensure optimal breast tape usage, minimize wastage and save time. Just like when measuring breast size.

    Start applying the breast tape gently from underneath your bust, pulling it upward to create a lifting effect. Press the tape firmly onto the skin and hold for a few seconds to allow proper adhesion. It is ideal to place a nipple cover between the tape and the skin of the breast for enhanced comfort. Once you’re done lifting the breasts with tape, you can wear your outfit comfortably.

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