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    No Date, No Problem: Celebrate Valentine’s Day Anyway

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    Today is Valentine’s day—the big day for lovey-dovey couples who have spent the last few busy weeks buying each other fancy gifts, chocolates, flowers, and teddy bears to finally express their undying love. While singles around the globe are equally busy rolling their eyes and thinking, “Here we go again.”

    No Date, No Problem: Celebrate Valentine's Day Anyway

    First of all, being a single pringle on Valentine’s day doesn’t have to suck. Singleness gets a bad rap on almost every celebration, including the ones that aren’t even relationship-status specific. Which if we’re being honest, is pretty awful. Culture and society have made us feel like we need to be in a relationship to be happy or fulfilled, but the truth is that being single has its unique perks.

    Think about all the money you’re saving as singles every Valentine’s day! There’s no pressure on you to buy a fancy dinner, a dozen roses, or a heart-shaped box of chocolates. This ultimately gives you ample time to focus on yourself. While couples out there are compromising with a partner or sacrificing their wants and needs, you get to treat yourself to whatever you desire. It could be a night in with your favorite takeout or a bottle of wine without breaking the bank. Relaxing in your favorite PJs and binge-watching some of the best Netflix shows. Or you could even go the extra mile at self-care by splurging on luxury gifts, dinners at ritzy restaurants, spas, etc.

    How To Celebrate Valentine’s Day Alone

    No Date, No Problem: Celebrate Valentine's Day Anyway

    There are plenty of other reasons to celebrate being unattached on Valentine’s day, but you already get the memo. That’s not to say that having someone special to share in all of these isn’t cool. It is, but when you find yourself single on Valentine’s day, you can enjoy your independence without having to worry about how it will affect someone else or society.

    Here are 10 fun ways to fly solo this valentine’s day.

    1. Gift Yourself Something Fancy
    2. Savour Solitude With The Perfect Dinner
    3. Reconnect With Single Friends And Family
    4. Plan A Weekend Getaway
    5. Experience New Things
    6. Galentine’s Day To Celebrate Singlehood
    7. Try Retail Therapy
    8. Explore New Places
    9. Meet New People
    10. Watch Movies And Series On Netflix

    With no pressure to find the perfect valentine’s day gifts for anyone, you can take the time to indulge in a few cool stuff all by yourself. Embrace your solo status and enjoy Valentine’s day.

    You can also treat yourself to that expensive concert or event you’ve been meaning to attend. When someone asks you why you’re single on Valentine’s day, don’t feel embarrassed or ashamed. Instead, embrace your independence, enjoy your freedom, and take the opportunity to discover more about yourself.

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