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    Bigger Boobs & Butts Will Take A Back Seat In 2023

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    The ideal body type exists, but at what cost?. Everyone is striving for that perfect body at all costs. Although, most women with bigger boobs and butts hardly ever go under the knife—BBL.

    Over the years, we’ve witnessed the gradual transformations of women’s body shapes through artificially dangerous means. Cosmetic surgeries, augmentations, silicone implants, injections, etc give firmer, bigger boobs and buttocks. The repercussions are even deadlier than most of the procedures, due to complications, fake products, etc, but has that stopped women from undergoing plastic surgeries?. No, it hasn’t.

    We saw women’s body trends make a 360-degree turnaround with the major uptick in the social media celebrity era. Women progressed from obsessing over rail thin body types to perfect hourglass curves. Bigger boobs and butts were the highlight of the twenty-twenties as they brought a significant increase in unrealistic beauty standards. What with Kim Kardashian and Cardi B shoving their voluptuous shapes on our screens every day?.

    Most of the widely accepted beauty standards include a youthful appearance, glorious hair, smooth skin, perfect shape, etc. However, these standards vary based on time, culture, and society. Decades ago it was slender, today it’s voluptuous. Tomorrow, it will definitely be something else that will emerge to continuously drive women to the brink. The thinner or bigger the better, depending on the trend.

    One may ask, why do women go to these lengths just to achieve the perfect body which ideally might be unfeasible?. Why do women conform to social and cultural perceptions of beauty?. Well, for the same reasons anyone does anything these days right?. The answer to the former is subjected and lies with different individuals, but the general perception is to appear attractive. Either as a result of personal preference or for the culture.

    What Are The Body Type Trends For 2023?

    Why are bigger boobs and butts going out of trend?

    Gradually, unrealistic beauty and body standards such as bigger boobs, peachy butts, and slimmer waists, are phasing out. In their place, natural aesthetics and beauty preferences are having a massive resurgence. The love-yourself mantra that followed the expressive Gen Z demographic successfully hijacked societal standards of beauty, body worth, and self-esteem issues.

    All the physical attributes, grooming habits, beauty theories, etc that were considered desirable or attractive no longer stand. As many people are becoming more accepting of their body type, facial features, skin color, hair texture, and even aging. The fact that most people were scared of aging is quite perplexing.

    Pore-clogging products are being replaced by natural ones and everyone seems to be ditching their filter-laden photos for seemingly natural jpegs. Don’t we love it? It’s like a miracle and we wait with bated breaths to see if AI will displace this too.

    The rave about artificial intelligence towards the fourth quarter of 2022 was just insane. Thanks to AI avatar generators, AI image converters, and AI art-generating tools, our expectations might be short-lived. Body images and beauty standards might potentially make a comeback, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed though.

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