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    Interior Design Trends For 2024: Earthy Tones & Textured Surfaces

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    Several interior design trends have outstayed their welcome in many homes for decades. However, all that is changing in 2024. Some of these home or office decor trends will require stepping out of conventional boxes.

    Lots of people will ditch impractical designs in favor of more vibrant, personalized touches. It’s all luxury meets functionality and those who preach excessive aesthetics are currently having a field year.

    Bold, Earthy Hues Take Over 2024 Interior Design Trends

    Interior Design Trends For 2023: Earthy Tones & Textured Surfaces

    All through the 2010s, the predominant color ideas for home decor were beige, white, black, and gray colors. Varying degrees of upscale monochromatic palettes for creative interior and exterior designs. They were so overused they became bland and sickening. For more than a decade, it appeared mourning doves vomited gray stains on every available space.

    Fast forward to the 2020s, bold, neutral, earthy hues will give grayscale and dull colors a run for their money. Most interior design consultants, homeowners, property owners, and offices, are readily embracing bolder, warmer color palettes.

    Home decor color trends for 2024 are eccentric and striking. From deep brown earth tones with subtle red undertones, to deep blues, and muted greens.

    Bringing the outdoors in with these extensive shades seems like a more modern, deluxe, and refined home decor option. Pairing them with other powerful interior design trends of 2024 will deliver that rich, contemporary twist.

    Minimalism Is Dead, Hello Maximalism!

    Granted 2024 might be the rise of bold color schemes, but it equally denotes the upsurge of vibrant spaces. ‘Tis the end of an era of blank homes, and sterile office walls. Along with exposed brick wall interior designs, white walls, and every other less-is-better design clichés.

    Interior Design Trends For 2023: Earthy Tones & Textured Surfaces

    If all modern home decor closely resembles each other in style, design, and color, where is the originality in that?. More people are moving from utilitarian to vivid splashes of aesthetics. More lived-in interiors that show signs of charm and demystify personalities.

    maximalist Interior Design Trends For 2023: Earthy Tones & Textured Surfaces

    Another shift in design philosophy is bohemian-design styles, popularly referred to as the ‘boho style.’ Which is often an eclectic mix of natural, artistic elements and ornamentals to create an organic modern style. Although eco-friendly designs will remain a permanent fixture in the future of interior design trends, they may however need to ditch sophisticated simplicity.

    boho style Interior Design Trends For 2023: Earthy Tones & Textured Surfaces

    More Long Shelves Less Floating Shelves

    We were nearly run over by open shelves in the early 2020s!. With how popular they’ve become, almost everyone owns floating shelves. It’s increasingly mundane and while it is argued that open shelving is here to stay, it seems quite the opposite.

    floating shelf Interior Design Trends For 2023: Earthy Tones & Textured Surfaces
    Floating shelf

    If floating shelves are going out of style, what then is here to stay?. Long shelving is having a resurgence in interior design trends. The previously accepted mainstream shelving style for offices, kitchens, living rooms, and bedroom decor.

    Long shelf

    Zellige And Terrazzo Tiles

    The prevalent tile trend in the 2020s is geometric shapes that add more variety to interior designs. Both Zellige and Terrazzo tiles have grown famous in recent years for modern home and office decor ideas.


    The elegant terrazzo tiles are long-lasting, water and heat-resistant and make for unique home decor options. Terrazzo tiles are popularly used for flooring surfaces, but it has witnessed extensive usage in offices, schools, hospitals, etc for walls and stairs.

    Even though Terrazzo is amassing popularity in interior design, it’s nowhere as close to the gleaming Zellige tiles. The hand-cut mosaic tiles have been in existence in Morocco for centuries. It’s predicted to soar even more in 2024.


    More Flexible Lighting

    There are tons of lighting fixtures available to choose from to create some nuance in ideas for home decor. Such as track, pendants, wall sconces, accent, LED, recessed, and other fancy lighting fixtures. Yet, a lot of people get hung up on chandeliers.

    Interior Design Trends For 2023: Earthy Tones & Textured Surfaces

    While the idea of installing chandeliers might be appealing because it’s synonymous with luxury, in most cases it isn’t. Going with the trend does not rule out knowing the best indoor lighting fixtures that suit the style of your home.

    Interior Design Trends For 2023: Earthy Tones & Textured Surfaces
    Wall sconces

    Tech lighting fixtures are likely to dominate in 2024. Even traditional lighting fixtures like paper lights are among the trending interior designs of 2024.

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