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    Hotels in New York For The Best Weekend Getaways 

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    Plan your trip this weekend to the most expensive boroughs in the world and discover the best hotels in New York City. From the Manhattan skyline to contemporary art in Brooklyn, the rich history in Queens, the culture of the Bronx, and amazing parks on Staten Island, there is so much to explore. New York City is a rambunctious combination of modernist architecture, great food, music, art, fashion, and a melting pot of cultures.

    Hotels in New York For The Best Weekend Getaways 

    Often called “the city that never sleeps,” New York City is an ideal vacation destination if you need to check ‘bustling, fast-paced city with constant buzz’ off your travel bucket list. Travelers from around the world visit NYC to glimpse many astonishing views, take photos, make memories, and wallow in the luxuries of this glamorous city.

    20 Best Hotels in New York City

    With regard to lodging, New York City is one great place to discover some of the most expensive hotels in the world. And this is for a host of reasons. New York City has welcomed tourists of different financial backgrounds with open arms for hundreds of decades.

    Hotels in New York For The Best Weekend Getaways 

    Since the city is home to some of the world’s most notable sights, structures, landmarks, etc, visitors always flock to NYC for a good time. There’s the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Chinatown, the Brooklyn Bridge, and other attractions. But these iconic landmarks aren’t all there is to this prominent city. A city that holds unforgettable memories and offers exhilarating and sometimes not-so-stimulating experiences. I mean, which city doesn’t?.

    Even though the city never sleeps, its inhabitants surely do get their beauty rest. With thousands of world-class lodging options for affluent visitors from all over the world on vacation all year round. Find out 20 of our top picks for the best hotels to stay in New York City.

    Aman New York

    Aman New York
    Aman New York Credit: Bloomberg

    The Aman Hotel New York is a 25,000 square feet grand edifice in the historic Crown Building on Fifth Avenue, slightly further down than Central Park. Aman New York is a contemporary reimagination of the long-standing neoclassical aesthetic of upscale hospitality that hotels in New York are synonymous with.

     Presidential Suites in this luxurious hotel feature expensive rooms with palatial details, hues, and furnishings. They’ve also made their wellness and fitness spas a transformative fitness sanctuary dedicated to the well-being of their guests. The cuisines are courtesy of Michelin-star chefs. And infused with an excellent assortment of Italian and foreign dishes for refined palates.

    The Plaza New York

    The Plaza hotel
    Credit: The Plaza New York

    Located on Fifth Avenue, The Plaza Hotel is one of the most iconic hotels in New York City. For over a century, The Plaza has consistently provided accommodation for royals, monarchs, presidents, Hollywood stars, and other dignitaries from around the globe. Some of the grandest events, classic blockbuster movies, and billionaire business deals ever sealed were held at The Plaza Hotel.

    From here, guests can wine, dine, and explore the dazzling grounds of The Plaza Hotel. Or book private tours around Central Park and New York City. Couples can equally walk down the streets to enjoy the nightlife. And also experience the excitement of being in one of the world’s most vibrant and charming cities.

    The Ritz-Carlton Hotel New York

    The Ritz-Carlton Hotel
    Credit: The Ritz-Carlton Hotel New York

    One of Central Park’s most lavish hotels, The Ritz-Carlton is another incredible sight to behold and sojourn in. From luxury suites to decadent culinary offerings and relaxation centers, The Ritz-Carlton has something for everyone with princely sums.

    Aside from the hotel suites, penthouses, and tasteful furnishings, panoramic views of the famed Central Park are worth every dime spent staying at The Ritz-Carlton.

    The Peninsula New York

    The Peninsula hotel
    Credit: The Peninsula New York

    Luxury suites, wellness spas, fine dining, family adventures, etc, The Peninsula New York has it all. It is located on Fifth Avenue in Midtown Manhattan. Tourists seeking zestful weekend getaways in NYC will love this luxury hotel.

    Aside from NYC, The Peninsula Hotel Group have a chain of hotels of the same name in Hong Kong and Shanghai where it all began. And in Beijing, Tokyo, Chicago, Beverly Hills, London, Paris, Istanbul, Bangkok, and Manila.

    Empire Hotel

    Empire Hotel New York
    Credit: Empire Hotel New York

    In the heart of midtown Manhattan, one of New York City’s iconic boutique hotels takes center stage to provide a sophisticated lodging experience to its guests. The suites in The Empire Hotel are designed with bold and glamorous interiors to give off a retro vibe. Guests at the hotel can soak in the Central Park and Upper West Side skyline from the rooftops. Enjoy expert-created culinary delights and explore New York City.

    The St Regis Hotel New York

    The St Regis Hotel New York hotels in new york
    Credit: The St Regis Hotel New York

    Named after the Upper St. Regis Lake in the Adirondacks, St. Regis Hotel is a historic masterpiece. Rococo-style architecture meets modern aesthetics making the privately-owned condominiums, spacious rooms, and tastefully furnished suites in The St Regis Hotel a gilded work of art. Truly one of the grandest hotels in New York City.

    Pendry Manhattan West

    Pendry Manhattan West hotels in new york
    Credit: Pendry Manhattan West

    Also called the Four Manhattan West Hotel, Pendry Manhattan West boasts refined amenities dipped in luxurious details. Their high-end hospitality and services are first-rate. And the guest rooms at Pendry Manhattan West are designed to not just be comfortable but to exude a contemporary variation of classical style.

    Park Lane Hotel New York

    Park Lane Hotel New York
    Credit: Park Lane Hotel New York

    An impeccable and irresistible view awaits guests at the Park Lane New York Hotel. Famous for not just its panoramic views, this hotel is also nothing short of unrivaled luxury. Although, patrons of several other ritzy hotels in New York like The Plaza, St Regis, and The Ritz-Carlton will express objections.

    Situated right in the Midtown Manhattan Business District on Central Park, Park Lane Hotel is simply one of the best hotels in the city. A few steps from the hotel and you stumble on Fifth Avenue shopping malls, Broadway theaters, high-end restaurants, etc.

    Soho Grand Hotel

    Soho grand hotel. hotels in new york
    Credit: Soho Grand Hotel

    Just as the name suggests, Soho Grand is one of the grandest hotels in New York City. The hallmark of its sophistication is in the stylish, spacious, and ambient guest rooms, terrace suites, and sprawling penthouse. Apart from the elegant interiors, there’s also the bar and lounge which is an ideal spot for relaxation.

    Ace Hotel Brooklyn

    Ace hotel brooklyn
    Credit: Ace Brooklyn

    Lastly, for a weekend of understated luxury indulgences, check out one of Brooklyn’s most deluxe boutique hotels—Ace Hotel Brooklyn. At Ace, guests can enjoy their magnificent suites and rooms, complete with floor-to-ceiling windows, sumptuous cuisines, decadent drinks, and high-rise views of the Downtown Brooklyn skyline. There are equally private spaces available at the hotel to hold conferences, meetings or organize events.

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