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    Shopping For Men’s Luxury Gifts? Here’s A Guide

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    Are you frazzled from all the physical or mental exertion of searching for holiday gift ideas for loved ones?. Narrowing it down, are you in need of a holiday gift guide to shop luxury presents for your spouse, boyfriend or male friends?. Then this post is specifically tailored to meet your needs.

    Winter season is right around the corner, ushering in one of the most celebrated holidays on earth, Christmas. Fall season may have clearly taken with it the warm, enchanting palette of reds, oranges and browns, leaving behind bleak, wintry hues. But the events and festivities used to commemorate the festive season eventually restores color and life back.

    A sure way to infuse love and buoy up cherished relationships is via – though not limited to – gifting. Gift-giving can be very strenuous at times and pondering on the best Christmas gifts for loved ones, an even bigger chore. Christmas traditions such as benefaction are in most cases not the only ways of expressing love. There are other means of spreading holiday magic and cheer, like being present, forgiveness, compassion, etc.

    It’s true that conventional gift ideas for both men and women have taken a backseat for newfangled ways of gift-giving to shine. That’s why we’ve chronicled several gift ideas in this luxury holiday guide, to aid your gift shopping this Christmas. In this post, you’ll become acquainted with the nuances of gift shopping, as well as the best gift ideas for your husband, boyfriend or loved ones.

    pexels-george-dolgikh holiday gift guide
    Christmas gifts Credit: pexels-george-dolgikh

    Here are the best contemporary gift ideas you can think of for men.

    Holiday Gift Guide To Shop Men’s Luxury Items

    Contrary to myths and opinions that men despise acts of love and devotion, they don’t. They actually share in all that sentiment and most of them are obsessed with Christmas. What really matters in the end is the thoughtfulness that goes into purchasing and packaging presents. Boys don’t joke with toys, so if you’re planning on plying the clichéd socks and underwear route, now will be the perfect time to abort mission.

    At the risk of sounding brusque and unfair, some women are generally clueless about what men truly desire in terms of gifts. The question is, will men inform you outright regarding said desires? No. Nevertheless, do they secretly fancy receiving those items wrapped with love? Absolutely!. so what then is the best luxury gift to give a man?.

    1. Luxury Boat cruise

    Men enjoy fishing mainly to find solace in nature and to satisfy their hunting urges – you know, catch and release. They get animated at the mention of tranquil places like large bodies of water. What better way to unleash that exuberance than by gifting them a luxury yacht? That’s if you’re Janeen Soler and it’s your wedding day.

    pexels-oliver-sjostrom holiday gift guide
    Luxury boat cruise Credit: pexels-oliver-sjostrom

    Considering not everyone can afford to acquire a superyacht like Janeen, who’s set a yardstick for gifting men, bless her. Thankfully, there are other options like all-expense paid yacht charters.

    2. Wonder On Wheels

    Rolls Royce Phantom Credit: pexels-abdul-rahman

    This is unarguably one of the top gifts to give any man, even the disabled. The sentiments men attach to automobiles is surreal, hence, drive to a luxury car dealership and purchase that man a grand auto to match his luxurious taste.

    3. C For Cologne-fidence

    Creidt: pexels-ahmed-agili

    If you’ve ever heard of the popular saying “I smelt him even before I saw him” in romantic movies or books?. Then you’ll corroborate the significance of this powerful invention. Nothing is as evocative as a whiff of musky, clean, masculine fragrance that teases the senses. Men love to smell good, splurging thousands on colognes to boost their confidence and enhance attraction. Women positively find well-groomed men attractive, top that with fresh, heady scents and they get ecstatic.

    4. Luxury Timepiece

    Credit: pexels-adrienne-andersen

    All men love unique and outrageously expensive timepieces that depicts top-class machinery. It not only complements their million dollar outfits and cars, it gives an urbane appeal that amplifies their bad boy persona and women love it. If you’re in doubt on where to shop, try aiming for established brand names like Balmain, Philippe Patek, Bugatti, Cartier etc. Opt also for sleek, lavish and utterly breath-taking designs and watch him swoon.

    5. Games & Gadgets

    Whenever you see men engrossed in a screen, it’s either for enjoyment or they’re making money. On screen entertainment like sports, music and video games give men solace and sets the premise for them to bond with friends. Watch a bunch of calm, laid-back guys bicker, shout and charge at themselves over a ball, then come back and talk to me about men being reserved beings.

    Credit: pexels-shyam-mishra

    The Play Station rave may seem to have quietened after the emergence of Ps5, but nothing on God’s green earth will excite men like converging over beer, armed with game consoles. Make a special man happy this Christmas holiday with an ultra-modern game such as Xbox or Play Station, luxury golf accessories, chess set, scrabble etc.

    As technology advances, so does men’s taste in high-end gadgets. Luxe gadget ideas to gift men includes laptops, high-tech headphones, massage guns, fitness bikes, cameras, power banks, router, humidifier, earbud, vacuum, office essentials and several other smart devices.

    6. Quirky Gifts

    Enough of the high-end gifts, games, stocks, bonds (did we mention equities?) which are absolutely fabulous gift ideas. But let’s dig and digress, because at this point if we don’t, several women reading this will go ballistic.

    Most women love gifting men unusual items during Christmas and who’s to say men don’t secretly appreciate these quirky gifts?. They grumble, huff and throw tantrums, but they love it. especially when those items are thoughtfully presented. Quirky gift ideas can range from a customized mugs, weird socks, outfits, to crafts etc.

    holiday gift guide
    Credit: pexels-karen-laark

    That’s it for holiday gift guide to shop men’s luxury presents. Watch next post for a well detailed article on best luxury gifts to purchase for women.

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