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    Stallone’s Wife File for Divorce & End Their 25 Year Union

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    Popular action movie megastar Sylvester Stallone‘s marriage to Jennifer Flavin has taken a hit. On August 19, 2022, Flavin went ahead to file for divorce from Stallone in the state of Florida, bringing their 25 year marriage to a screeching halt.

    What could have possibly led to their dissolution?. It was a tad sketchy at first, with several speculations making rounds on the information highway. However, we were able to garner and piece together the real reasons behind the duo’s annulment. Keep going to find out.

    Photo Credit: Pm News

    The pair first began dating in 1988, when Flavin was a 19-year-old model and Stallone was 42 and twice divorced. They met in California at a Beverly Hills restaurant. They were both in a relationship until 1994, when Stallone wrote her a letter saying that he was having an affair with supermodel Janice Dickinson.

    The “Rambo” lead actor also disclosed in his letter that he was the father of her infant daughter. However, after DNA tests had shown that he was not the father, the relationship between Dickinson ended. Flavin got back with Stallone in 1995 and they tied the knot in 1997. The couple have three daughters together.

    sylvester stallone gets a file for divorce
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    Four days after Flavin’s file for divorce, Stallone made headlines, concealing the enormous tattoo of Flavin’s face on his shoulder. He equally replaced it with ink of Butkus from the “Rocky” movies. Which left majority of his fans and the internet viewing him askance.

    It was gathered that the couple had a massive squabble over their new Rottweiler whose name is Dwight. The pooch that Stallone got for “protection for their family” did not get warm reception from Flavin. She opposed the addition of another dog to the family. This alleged “dog argument led to an extremely heated argument.”

    Stallone won the argument and used the dog to promote his new show, “Tulsa King,” by naming him after his character.

    Meanwhile, in her divorce petition, Flavin asserts that Stallone “has engaged in the intentional dissipation, depletion and/or waste of marital assets.” She demands “The Creed” star be forbidden from selling or transferring any assets during their divorce proceedings.

    Flavin also wants exclusive use of their marital home in Palm Beach, Fla., while Stallone resides in their California property. Although, Stallone admitted that the pair did have issues over his new Rottweiler, but insisted, “We did not end the relationship on such a trivial argument.”

    Sylvester Stallone and dog
    Photo Credit: People

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