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    Easter 2023: From Traditions, and Food to Easter Outfits

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    Easter 2023 is here!. A very important holiday for so many people around the world, especially Christians. This is because they get to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, connect with their families or loved ones, eat delicious easter meals, and participate in fun traditions and activities. This spring, we bring you tons of classic Easter traditions curated by Christians and easter lovers.

    When Is Easter 2023 and Why does Easter Change Yearly?

    The date for this year’s Easter celebration is Sunday, Apr 9, 2023. From time immemorial, Christians have been celebrating this holiday, but unlike most holidays, the dates for Easter aren’t fixed. Long ago in 2600 BC, the dates for Easter changed annually by the Lunar Calendar. As the lunar cycles of the Jewish calendar were used to determine which date Easter falls on.

    Nowadays, the Easter holiday is determined by a different calendar—the Gregorian calendar. Although the dates aren’t fixed, they still vary by the year. Hence, Easter specifically falls on the Sunday near the start of spring, mostly between March 22 and April 25.

    10 Easter 2023 Traditions

    There are numerous traditions and activities that people around the world engage in to commemorate this event. From the popular Easter egg hunts to bonfires, baking, attending church events, etc. Here are 10 top-tier Easter 2023 traditions to keep an eye out for.

    1. Easter Egg Hunt
    2. Dye Easter Eggs
    3. Make Easter Treats
    4. Send Easter Lilies
    5. Attend Easter Parades
    6. Enjoy Easter Brunch and Dinner
    7. Go to Church
    8. Send Easter Baskets and Cards
    9. Watch Easter Movies
    10. Help or Donate

    Easter Egg Hunt

    For non-Christians, egg hunts are a classic Easter tradition for both the young and old. It is performed by searching for hidden eggs. The eggs can be actual hard-boiled eggs, which are normally decorated with dyes or paints. Or artificial eggs created from plastic and loaded with chocolate or candies, or even egg-shaped chocolates of various sizes wrapped in foil. Which are then hidden in various places for people to find.

    Who doesn’t love looking for hidden treasures?.

    Dye Easter Eggs

    Easter 2023: From Traditions, and Food to Easter Outfits

    Originally an ancient symbol of a new life for pagan festivals celebrated during spring in the medieval period, eating eggs was forbidden during Lent. Which is the 40 days before Easter used to observe the 40 days Jesus spent fasting. So, since the eggs cannot be eaten, people opted to dye and decorate them instead.

    It is one of the most popular Easter traditions and is still observed in many Christian cultures. There are several creative ways to decorate eggs for Easter 3023. They can be painted with vibrant colors, dyed with food coloring, or designed with both paints and stickers.

    Make Easter Treats

    Easter 2023: From Traditions, and Food to Easter Outfits

    On Easter morning, the beloved charming, and fluffy Easter Bunny brings gifts such as baskets of candies and toys for children. So those who believe in the Easter Bunny bake Easter treats like carrot cake, hot buns, chocolate bunnies, pies, and lots of other tasty treats. Which are then shared and eaten with family, friends, and loved ones.

    Send Easter Lilies

    Another great Easter 2023 tradition is sending luxury-scented Easter lilies to family and friends. White lilies are usually the preferred option for Easter lilies and they symbolize purity, rebirth, new beginnings, and hope. Easter lilies are also used to decorate churches, homes, events, etc during Easter.

    Attend Easter Parades

    Easter 2023: From Traditions, and Food to Easter Outfits

    In  New York, New Orleans, San Francisco, and many other cities around the world, Easter parades are fun processions to attend. Both adults and children dress up on Easter Sunday after church in Easter bonnets and other colorful attires to celebrate this holiday.

    Easter Brunch and Dinner

    Easter 2023: From Traditions, and Food to Easter Outfits

    One sure way to celebrate Easter 2023 is to connect with family and friends. And what better way to bond with loved ones if not over food?. During Easter, people gather over a nice roast dinner to eat lamb and chicken, delicious baked hams, carrot salads, etc. Or over brunch to eat sweet hot cross buns spiced with cinnamon and studded with raisins, strawberry muffins, lemon ricotta pancakes, casserole dishes, Easter meals, etc.

    Go to Church

    The main purpose of celebrating Easter is to mark the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. As well as to end the Lenten season of fasting and penitence by Christians over the world. Therefore, several churches hold Good Friday processions, and night vigils on Saturday, before Easter Sunday, singing hymns and making solemn proclamations. The Easter Vigil for 2023 is on Saturday, Apr 8.

    Then, on Easter Sunday, April 9 which was the day of Jesus’ resurrection, Christians gather to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. With special, candlelit church services, Easter processions, a retelling of the death and resurrection story in the bible, etc.

    Send Easter Baskets and Cards

    It’s not a proper Easter holiday if the Easter basket tradition isn’t on the list. People send baskets filled with delicious Easter candies, treats, toys, and other luxury gifts, as well as thoughtful cards to their friends and families.

    Watch Easter Movies

    Many Christian families settle in for classic Easter movies that remind them why they are celebrating the Easter holiday. Some of them include The Passion Of Christ, Ben-Hur, The Last Temptation of Christ, and Risen. Others prefer more fun and charming Netflix movies like Peter Rabbit, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Dog Who Saved Easter, Rise of the Guardians, or Zootopia.

    Help or Donate

    A sure way to celebrate Easter 2023 and make the holiday meaningful is by almsgiving. Aside from breaking out paintbrushes, planning fun events, and cooking ginormous roasts, participating in activities or outreaches that contribute significantly to the community are also ways to celebrate. Rather than simply enjoying the festivities of Easter 2023, we are encouraging you to go out there with donations to the needy and make the most of the Easter 2023 holiday.

    11 Easter 2023 Foods and Delicacies

    1. Chocolate eggs
    2.  Hot cross buns
    3. Simnel cake
    4. Pretzels
    5. Roast lamb or chicken
    6.  Boiled eggs
    7. Easter bread
    8. Easter bunny cupcakes
    9.  Carrot cakes
    10. Cooked ham
    11. Cookies

    Easter Outfits

    Even though the Easter holiday is a tradition of solemn remembrance, people still make fashion statements with some Easter outfits that add a splash of color to the festivities. Whether you’re attending church services, brunch, dinner, community events, and outreaches, opt for cool outfits like floral dresses or tops, blazers, pastel-colored suits, denim pants, jumpsuits, etc.

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