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    Electric Car L100 Is Re-defining The future Of Mobility 

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    Lots of luxury cars showed up during Monterey Car Week and Lincoln, the luxury vehicle division of American automobile manufacturer Ford was present. The high-end automobile company revealed on Thursday during Monterey Car Week its vision for future EVs. The launch of the Lincoln Model L 100 concept; an autonomous, battery-electric car that pays homage to the brand’s first luxury vehicle, the 1922 Model L.

    This huge reveal happened as the company concomitantly commemorated its centennial year. What a great way to celebrate 100 years of Lincoln. The dynamic wonder on wheels is so sick!. It features super sleek styling and a futuristic design that evolves Lincoln’s Quiet Flight DNA. ​Pure quintessential luxury!. It indeed transcends space and time.

    Lincoln Model L 100 Concept Electric Car Is Sick!

    The Model L100 concept has an aerodynamic, low-slung body that features a sweeping glass roof that opens. It also possess reverse-hinged doors that lift to bestow a “sense of ceremony” and provides the “Lincoln Embrace.” The brand also notes that the wheel covers use lighting and sensors to “communicate motion, battery life and human presence.”

    The Cutting-Edge Car In Photos

    specifications of electric car
    Photo Credit: Lincoln
    exterior of the iconic l100
    Photo Credit: Lincoln
    interior of the luxury electric car
    Photo Credit: Lincoln
    lincoln embrace
    Photo Credit: Lincoln

    Lincoln L Series Inspires Mastery

    1922 Model L
    Photo Credit: http://www.autogaleria.hu –

     The Lincoln Model L otherwise called the Lincoln L series was Introduced in 1920 by automobile company Lincoln. After the bankruptcy the Lincoln motor company saw in 1920, another motor company called Ford went ahead to acquire it.

    An Engineer called Henry M. Leland and his son Wilfred founded the Lincoln Motor Company in 1917. The iconic Model L was equipped with a 358 cubic-inch L-head 60-degree V8 engine. While conventional V-engines offset the cylinder banks slightly to make room for adjacent connecting rod bearings on the crank journals, Leland’s engine used precision-made fork-and-blade connecting rods and disposed the cylinders directly opposite each other.

    What you probably don’t know about this classic wheels is that it got it’s name from Henry Leland’s favourite president, Abraham Lincoln.

    1922 Lincoln L
    Photo Credit: ConceptCarz

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